Varicolored abalone

Common name: Nine sub-spinus, nine-hole abalone.
Origin and production period:
There are distributions on the southeast coast of China, and there are more productions in Hainan Island and Dongzhou Island in Guangdong.
Shells are hard, spirals are small, and body corks are extremely large. There is a row of protrusions on the left side of the shell, about 20, and the front 7 to 9 have openings, and the others are all occluded. The shell mouth is large, the outer lip is thin, and the inner lip forms a flaky edge inward. The surface of the shell is green-brown and the growth pattern is fine. The growth pattern and the radiating ribs are staggered to make the surface of the shell a cloth pattern. The inner surface of the shell is silvery white with pearl luster. Well-developed.

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