Reasonable application of joint fertilizer

At the beginning of the jointing stage, the field main stem and more than three-leaf Oita pods with more than 350,000 pieces of land per acre should be strictly controlled for the application of jointing fertilizer. Although wheat seedlings have entered the stage of panicle differentiation, the nutrients required for ear differentiation are less, allowing moderate yellowing of the wheat seedlings, which is conducive to the death of the ineffective small parts of the basal, and reduces the number of populations, so that the three basal parts of the wheat seedlings do not grow excessively long. This kind of plot can generally be regarded as the size of the group, and is set at a fixed length (2-3 cm) between the first internodes of the base of the young wheat seedlings, and the length of the second internode (3-6 cm) is then used as a panicle fertilizer. The larger the population, the more prosperous the field, the more the application time of panicle fertilizer is delayed.

If the number of small tillers is not large, the main stem and three or more leaves of Oita at the jointing stage should be applied as early as possible to increase the number of tillers and spikes and promote the early stage of jointing at about 2.5 leaves. The "shaking childbirth" became a spike. If the leaf color of young wheat seedlings does not fall in the early stage of jointing, the fertilizer is preferably applied in two stages. A small amount of fertilization at the beginning of the jointing stage promotes “shaking tillering” into the panicle, and then the fertilization is performed after the basic fixed length in the second season and the longest extension in the third internode. Promote the formation of large spikes; If the leaves of young wheat seedlings at the beginning of the jointing stage are yellow, the seedlings are weak and can be used for one-off fertility. In addition to the application of nitrogen fertilizer, jointing and booting of the joints, the appropriate addition of potassium fertilizer is conducive to stems and young spike differentiation and development. Generally about 5 kg of urea per acre. Fertilizers are best used for drilling or furrowing. They can also be applied before and after rain or during rain.

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