Summer corn needs fertilizer characteristics

Summer corn seedling plants are small, grow slowly, and require less fertilizer. At this time, the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus is about 10% of the total absorption, and gradually accelerates later. The absorption rate from jointing to booting reaches a peak at 20 to 30 days. The absorbed nitrogen and phosphorus accounted for 76.2% and 63.1% of the total absorption, respectively. The average daily absorption was 3% to 4%. At this time, the cumulative absorbed nitrogen and phosphorus reached 85.9% and 73.2% of the total absorption, and the absorption slowed down. The absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus up to the tasseling stage has reached 90%. Therefore, the critical period for the requirement of nitrogen and phosphorus in summer maize is jointing and booting stage. Fertilization should be based on this rule to take light weight before the principle.

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