How to prevent rhododendron leaf blight

Rhododendron leaf blight is a fungal disease. The pathogens live on plant diseases and are transmitted by means of watering, insects, and human activities. They can develop in the indoor environment year-round, and high-temperature drying and poor ventilation can easily lead to disease. Plant growth is debilitated or seriously affected by pests.

Rhododendron leaf blight mainly damages the leaves and occurs at the tips of the leaves. In the initial stage of the lesion, faded green macular spots spread from the edge to the inside and showed an irregular shape. The lesions were yellowish-brown in the late stage and were severed when the diseased leaves were dry.

There are three main points for prevention and control: 1. Remove the diseased leaves in time and burn them together. 2. Strengthen conservation and often spray water on foliage or surrounding space to improve the small environment. Increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to increase plant growth. 3. In the initial stage of disease, spray 500-800 times carbendazim or thiophanate disinfectant. Such as pests can be sprayed 1000-1500 times solution of nicotine removal.

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