How fans are produced

1, the main equipment washing machine, refining separator, stirring sand remover, filter, and noodle machine, fan machine. If you want to reduce your investment, you only need to purchase refiner separators and fans, and other manual operations are also available. 2. Process Fresh Potatoes - Pota READ MORE

Five points for cultivation of Mushroom

The temperature of Flammulina velutipes belongs to the low-temperature-hardening fungi. The mycelium grows in the range of 3°C to 34°C, and the most suitable growth temperature is 20°C to 30°C. Mycelial growth was slow at 3°C ​​to 4°C. The temperature required for t READ MORE

What are the standards of composting?

What are the criteria for compost fermentation? After composting with compost, the following criteria can be used to test the maturity of compost: it can be judged based on its color, odor, straw hardness, compost leaching solution, compost volume, carbon-nitrogen ratio, and humicification coeffici READ MORE

Supply of cattle products / beef cattle breeding techno…

Shandong Yunfa Animal Husbandry Cattle and Sheep Breeding and Distribution Base, the company covers an area of ​​302 mu and covers an area of ​​268 mu. It is currently the leading animal husbandry and breeding demonstration enterprise in Jining with the largest populati READ MORE

How to control the mycelial growth of coprinus comatus

Coprinus comatus mycelium growth temperature is 5 °C ~ 35 °C, the suitable temperature is 22 °C ~ 28 °C. Within 3 days after inoculation, the main moisturizing and temperature control, the temperature is controlled at 25 °C ~ 28 °C, no ventilation, do not move the bacteria bag o READ MORE

Vegetable cultivation cover film

The choice must also be scientific. "Hello, Guoguo Hotline, my bean seedlings have a paste, are there any remedies?" "I'm from Liaocheng. Please look for the experts from the Vegetable Association. How do I plant an open-air cucumber? Is there always a wilting phenomenon?".. READ MORE

What are the reasons for the lack of flowers and flower…

The reasons for the lack of flowers and flowers in fruit trees, in addition to the characteristics of some varieties have large and small, many are caused by improper human management. In order to increase the output of fruit trees and reduce the situation of no flowers and flowers, the author beli READ MORE