High temperature and drought to prevent and control red…

Due to the recent high temperature and drought, the red spiders in various crops have been seriously affected. According to our recent survey, cotton fields, peanuts, beans, and sweet potato fields are common, with particular attention to interplanting legumes. Cotton spider mites occur more sever READ MORE

Correct and reasonable operation of agricultural machin…

Core Tip: In agricultural production, farmers often cause accidents due to improper use of agricultural machinery, biogas, and pesticides. Therefore, the correct mastery of scientific and rational methods of operation is the key to reducing the risk of accidents. Field Safety Precautions for Agricu READ MORE

Low-temperature management of fish ponds

Keeping the water level in the pond stable and improving the water level during the winter and winter seasons, increasing the water volume can not only maintain a relatively stable water temperature, but also improve the water quality conditions. The water level of the pond is maintained at 1.8-2.0 READ MORE

Influenced by "Watermelon **" Daxing watermel…

Yesterday, in Panggezhuang, Daxing District, before a watermelon stall, the melon farmers chatted. Affected by the “watermelon explosion” incident, the sales volume of watermelon dropped sharply. Newspaper reporter Yang Jie photo The newspaper “swelling agent watermelonâ READ MORE

Effect of ultrapure water on high performance liquid ch…

With the development of the times and technology, precision analytical instruments such as high-performance liquid phase have been popularized in industries related to analytical testing, and the requirements for experimental water quality are also increasing. Today's high performance liquid ch READ MORE

Why can't milk powder make domestic milk?

For some time, foreign milk powder frequently exposed quality storms. However, this does not affect the rapid progress of foreign milk powder. In the high-end milk powder market in China, the market share of foreign milk powder has reached more than 90%. Over 80% of domestic consumers beli READ MORE

How to prevent and treat Li Shushan?

Hawthorn leafhopper, also known as Hawthorn red spider. The main damage is peach, cherry, plum, apricot, apple and pear tree species. Injury. In order to make pupa, cubs, if 螨 suck buds, leaves juice. In the early stages of the damaged leaves, the pale green chlorosis spots gradually turned READ MORE