Blue Peacock Brooding Feeding Management

Brooding period is 0-60 days old. The peacock is an early bird and can feed on its shell. Can first drink 1/5000 concentration of potassium permanganate solution. The temperature of brooding at 0 to 3 days was 34°C, and then decreased by 0.3°C per day until about 20 to 30 days of age. Insulat READ MORE

Viral diseases

1, chicken viral arthritis chicken dysplasia, ankle swelling was obvious, there was limp or ankle flexion; disease chicken hi sitting in the joint, only to beat off when driven; limb can not be stretched and weight-bearing, severe limb Twist outward, gait. 2. Chicken Marek's disease chickens READ MORE

Summer bitter foods are easy to cause nausea

Summer should eat less bitterness, more pungent, such as radish, light blue and so on. "Summer eating 'bitter'" is a folk saying that has been circulating for a long time. It is mainly thought that eating hard in summer can cause diarrhea and catch fire and achieve the goal of k READ MORE

High-density cultivation techniques for eggplant

First, choose good breeds. It is recommended to use early-maturing, high-yield and disease-resistant eggplant varieties. Second, nurture strong seedlings. Suitable sowing, seedlings 30 days after sowing, leaving two plants per pod (hole). After the seedlings are planted at the time of emergence, READ MORE

MM breast enhancement recipes for different ages

Heart of beauty in everyone. Especially women, regardless of age, want to have a beautiful figure. There are many breast enhancement products on the market today, but they are not as convenient and safe as diet. However, different ages may have different recipes, so it may be appropriate to have a READ MORE

Cultivation techniques and precautions for alfalfa

Alfalfa is a kind of perennial forage, with high yield, good quality, good palatability, high nutritional value, and high-grade feed for livestock and poultry. It has the reputation of “king of grass and animal husbandry”. How to cultivate it? The choice of land: should choose the fer READ MORE

鹌鹑Bronchitis Treatment Prescription

Caused by helminth bronchitis virus. The clinical manifestations were tearing, coughing, sneezing, and difficulty breathing. Vaginal turbidity was found on the autopsy and purulent discharge was observed in the abdominal cavity. Expedient prevention of secondary infection. 【prescriptionã READ MORE