How can a chicken produce more eggs?

The most suitable temperature for chicken egg production is 13-20 °C. If the ambient temperature exceeds 25-30 °C, the egg production rate will decline; when the temperature exceeds 36 °C, the chicken will stop laying because of overheating. Therefore, in order to make chickens produce mo READ MORE

Isometric thinning fruit can be high-yielding technolog…

Apples, pears, and other fruit trees usually leave 1 fruit every 20-25 cm, that is, 1 fruit station to leave 1 fruit, 2 fruit stations to leave 2 fruit, fruitless table without leaving fruit. Results 1 kg of fruit per 1 cm of dried fruit, calculated by 6 fruits per kilogram, and 10 fruits of 60 kil READ MORE

How to raise broilers in hot season

In the past, some farms and specialized households producing broiler chickens have been afraid to keep them in the summer. Because summer chickens tend to produce strong heat stress, resulting in decreased appetite, reduced feed intake, poor disease resistance, and increased mortality, fear of more READ MORE

Continuous treatment of vegetable soil must be integrat…

Many vegetable farmers recently reported that after several years of continuous vegetable planting, vegetable dead seedlings, stiff seedlings, dead leaves, and malformed stems and leaves became more and more serious. Qi Bo, a researcher at the provincial vegetable office, pointed out that a large READ MORE

Cultivation Techniques of Chinese Medicinal Plant Hawth…

Hawthorn is an alias for Zaopi and Yam meat. It is a plant of the family Hawthorne. It uses the flesh of the seeds to remove the medicine and has the functions of tonifying the liver and kidney and astringent antiperspirant. It is one of the main cash crops in Huoshan County. I. Cultivation techni READ MORE

White mushrooms are expected to become foods rich in vi…

Preliminary results from a study in the United States show that the use of artificial UV radiation on freshly picked white mushrooms can significantly increase vitamin D content. Experts hope that in the future through a certain method to make white mushrooms provide people with rich vitamin D. Ac READ MORE

The best temperature for raising cows in spring

First, the cowhouse temperature is generally the most suitable temperature for dairy cows is 12 °C ~ 14 °C, the optimum temperature for pregnant cows and lactating dairy cows is 16 °C ~ 20 °C; lactation dairy cows home temperature is higher than 24 °C or lower than -4 °C, then Mil READ MORE