Rat substance P ELISA KiT

Product number: EIA06710 Read the instructions thoroughly before use. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent kit is based on the principle of classical enzyme-linked sandwich technology and can measure rat substance P. It can only be used for research purposes and should not be READ MORE

Arachidic curd processing technology and formula

(I) Process Peanut processing → soaking → pulping → homogenization → sterilization → cooling → inoculation packing → fermentation → ripening → finished products (B) formula formula one: peanut milk 100 liters, milk 10%, sugar 5%, gluco READ MORE

Vegetable optimum fertilization method

At present, many vegetable farmers have problems such as blind fertilization and unscientific fertilization methods in fertilizing vegetables, which seriously affect the yield and quality of vegetables. Now we introduce the methods of optimizing high-yield and high-efficiency fertilization of vege READ MORE

Plug valve selection principle

According to the structural characteristics of the plug valve and the function that can be achieved in the design, it is recommended to use the following principles: 1. It is used to distribute medium and change the flow direction of medium. The starting working temperatu READ MORE

Farmers homemade spicy cabbage

First, the preparation of spices. After mixing well with 1-1.5 kg of salt and chilli powder (0.25 kg), pour it into a paste with boiling water and cool it for use. And then use garlic with a capacity such as pepper into the mud, the amount of green onions smashed with a knife into the minced, while READ MORE

Pre-pest control technology for apples before bagging

It is the most critical period for the prevention and control of diseases and pests throughout the year before the apple is dropped to the bag. It is also the main link for improving the quality of fruit and realizing the increase of production and income. First, the main diseases and characteris READ MORE

Pigs must make money to pay

When pig prices were low in the first half of 2006, many pig farmers lost one yuan per catty, 260 pounds lost 260 yuan, and 360 pounds lost 360 yuan. Why did they do so? The main problem lies in the management. The main cost of raising pigs is 70% of the feed. For the finishing pigs, the cost of m READ MORE