Four stages of fruit tree disinsection in autumn

Fruit tree pests and diseases harm seriously affect fruit production and quality. The pests that destroy fruit trees in autumn can receive a multiplier effect. In the autumn, the following methods are used to exterminate fruit trees: First, remove fallen leaves in autumn and winter seasons, combi READ MORE

The market is growing steadily, China's portable me…

The Chinese portable/home medical electronics market is growing rapidly and steadily thanks to the promotion of the Chinese government's new medical reform and the people's emphasis on health care, as well as the different characteristics of the home and medical markets. In READ MORE

American medical reform cake: Who will pay for the food…

When US President Barack Obama signed the health insurance reform bill at the White House on March 23, Americans who are troubled by medical treatment and expensive medical treatment can begin to figure out what this new reform means to them. The poor benefit, the rich lose weight? READ MORE

Add more nicotine milk

The initial production of dairy cows has a large demand for niacin and needs to be supplemented in a timely manner, otherwise it will affect milk production and even cause ketosis. Supplementation of nicotinic acid to first-born dairy cows should begin from the second week of their milk production READ MORE

Autumn and winter should control the temperature of the…

Autumn and winter seasons are high incidence of chicken respiratory diseases, the lower the temperature, the higher the incidence. Because of the loss of appetite and the weakening of disease resistance, affected chickens often cause slow growth, significantly reduced egg production, and even stop READ MORE

Four Benefits of Hog Breeding Pigs and How to Operate

What are the four benefits and how to operate the swine fermentation bed? Fermentation of pig bed pigs in pigs is a "central" role in the use of microorganisms as a material energy cycle and conversion. High-tech means are used to collect specific beneficial microorganisms, and they are READ MORE

Dairy cows should add buffer

First, the benefits of adding buffer The first is to improve the feed intake of dairy cows and increase and stabilize milk production. The second is to maintain the hydrogen ion concentration in the rumen, intestinal contents and body fluids of cattle, and to maintain the pH of the rumen in the READ MORE