Large cherry seedlings breeding technical regulations

High-quality seedlings are the basis for the production of big cherries. The quality of seedlings not only has a direct impact on the speed of tree growth, but also results sooner or later and the level of yield. It also has great influence on the adaptability and resistance of trees. Therefore, w READ MORE

VAT exemption for vegetable wholesale and retail next y…

The just-concluded Central Economic Work Conference proposed that in 2012, we must continue to improve the structural tax cuts. How will the structural tax cut policies take off again next year? In response, Minister of Finance Xie Xuren explained the road map for improving structural tax READ MORE

Farmers prepare pregnant sows feed considerations

The metabolic function of pregnant sows is very strong, the utilization rate of feed is high, and the synthesis of protein is also strong, but it does not mean that poor quality feed can be used. The author summarizes the experience of farm feed formulation for several years, and the following mat READ MORE

Investment promotion model of pharmaceutical investment…

Recently, with the increase in the scale of sales, the cost of the game between companies and agents has also increased. In order to effectively manage agents, pharmaceutical investment promotion companies constantly adjust their agency policies. Fine management of pharmaceutical investmen READ MORE

What measures should be taken for pregnant cattle durin…

In the harsh winter season when the grass is withered, pregnant cows must endure cold attacks and provide all the nutrients needed for the growth and development of the fetus. In adverse climate conditions, if pregnant cattle are improperly reared, especially if they experience abrupt changes in t READ MORE

Shatang orange tube is in no hurry

After pruning the fruit in the clear garden, the branches, branches, branches and legged branches shall be cut off, the deciduous fruit in the garden shall be cleared, and the burial shall be deepened, the base number of overwintering insects shall be reduced, and the conditions for ventilation an READ MORE

Anti-shelf room green pepper rotten fruit to "pres…

There are many reasons for the corruption of green peppers. They can be summarized as follows: There are 8 kinds of reasons for the following reasons. The production should be controlled according to different reasons. One, rotten fruit caused by soft rot The beginning of the fruit has a water-s READ MORE