[elastic soft seal gate valve] [electric soft seal gate…

Zui big valve wholesale base in Henan area Underground elastic seat sealing gate valve Underground elastic seat sealing valve features: Conventional gate valves are often deposited in the groove of the valve bottom after the water is washed, because foreign objects such as stones, wood blocks, READ MORE

Drink beer easily makes you catch six diseases

Hot weather, people like to drink beer at the dinner table. The beer merchants and manufacturers chose summer festivals for a variety of beer festivals. “Enthusiastic Summer”, “Drinking Carnival” and other tempting words made many people hate to immediately drink. Many peop READ MORE

The medicinal effect and function of Liushen Pill

[Composition] Niuhuang, borneol, glutinous rice, Mingxiong yellow, musk. [Function] Clearing away heat and detoxifying, soothing, swelling and relieving pain. 【Indications】Used for sore throat caused by heat poisoning, unfavorable swallowing, or sudden l READ MORE

New Zealand develops Rex bionic legs to "dismiss&q…

Release date: 2010-07-27 According to a recent British "Daily Mail" report, 5 years ago, Hayden Allen suffered a motorcycle accident, his spine was severely traumatized, the doctor told him that he could never walk down. But today, the revolutionary product of a New Zealand biotech co READ MORE

Cherry prone to bugs eat 5 minutes to eat

Cherry contains extremely rich vitamins and trace elements. The British "Daily Mail" recently reported that scientists recently discovered that a cup of cherry juice contains the equivalent of 23 fruits and vegetables, 250 ml of cherry juice protection of the human body than 5 beans, tomat READ MORE

Ten applications of ammonium bicarbonate

One bogey leaf spray. Ammonium bicarbonate is highly corrosive to crop leaves and is prone to burn the leaves. Therefore, it cannot be used as a fertilizer for foliar spraying. Second bogey soil fertilization. When the soil is dry, even if it is covered deeply, the fertilizer cannot be dissolved READ MORE

The simple identification of cucumber chilling injury i…

Chilling injury of cucumber in greenhouse occurs mainly in winter and early spring. Poor room insulation performance is poor, watering is too large during the cold period; or the amount of air is too quick and too large, cold air intrusion causes the temperature of the greenhouse to fall; or the n READ MORE