Green treasures of purple hydrangea

The purple hydrangea is a deciduous tree of Violetaceae. It is a very rare new green seedling. It is native to Mexico, Cuba and Central America and is now widely cultivated in the tropics. However, only a few units in our country are introduced and cultivated. The purple hydrangea trunk is up to 10 READ MORE

Excellent Shrub Species - Lespedeza

Lespedeza jasminoides, also known as twigs and eucalyptus, is a deciduous shrub of the legume family Resistant to drought, thin and adaptable. Lespedeza is a species that has a wide range of uses and high value. Easy breeding, strong sprouting ability, well-developed root system, and rhizobial bact READ MORE

How to cure yellow cucumber melon

Symptoms cucumber melons turn yellow, but no spots on melon strips. Analysing the bad development of cucumber roots in summer is the main reason for melon yellowing. Root dysplasia can affect the growth and development of the whole plant, so that the cucumber can not get enough nutrition, and the READ MORE

Measuring feet

[Scientific name] Hylocereus undatus (Haw.) Brittet Rose [Other middle names] Bailiange, Bawanghua, Bitaiye, Bojiao cactus, Jianhua, Linsheng fairy pillar, triangular pillar, triangular arrowhead, triangular prism, vine cactus [Genus]Cactaceae [country of origin] Mexico [Horticulture Features] READ MORE

Intended to tip?

English name: Culter oxycephaloides Common name: Duckbill red tip, pointed red tip origin and production period: The tip of the head is located on the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River and its subsidiary water bodies. It is a medium-sized economic fish. It is widely distributed in th READ MORE


[Scientific name]Narcissus pseudo-narcissus [alias] daffodils, funnel daffodils, daffodils [Genus] Amaryllidaceae Narcissus The daffodil narcissus is native to Europe and its vicinity and is mainly distributed in Britain, Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Algeria. The narcissus daffod READ MORE

Snowflake Lichun

Papaver rhoeas belongs to the family Papaveraceae. Europe, North America and temperate Asia are its hometowns. Delicate and straight stems bear bright red flowers and look very charming, and they have become popular ornamental plants. Lichunhua is named after the beauty of the people. This is rel READ MORE