Discussing rearing and management of sows with self-sup…

Yesterday, netizen “weilan” and the company’s technical department manager went to the market for a day and went to individual households to raise a dozen sows in poor condition. Doing B-display: After 45 days, the air-breathing rate has reached 50%. It is not optimistic. The bre READ MORE

Egg laying environment requirements

First, the feeding method of laying hens Divided into two kinds of flat raising and cage raising. (1) Peace raising is the use of various ground structures to raise chickens in the plane. Flat raising is further divided into two types of matting grounds, flat raising and nets or wooden strips (b READ MORE

How to regulate sugarcane delivery?

After the sugarcane sprouts, the growth of the main stem seedlings has accelerated, and at the same time, the birthing has gradually appeared. At this time, the contradiction between the anti-inhibitory and inhibitory effects of the tiller seedlings and the main stem seedlings is fierce, and the ma READ MORE

Recognize the disease prevention celery dead tree

Some time ago, during an interview at Sunji Street in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, the reporter saw a lot of vegetable farmers rushing to buy celery seedlings. This made reporters feel puzzled that most of the greenhouse celery has already been planted. Why are so many vegetable farmers rushi READ MORE

The effect of installing the anchor on the back wall of…

After the completion of the new greenhouse, the vegetable farmer usually sets a steel wire on the walkway of the backslope, and the two sides are fixed to the anchors of the east and west gables. But now that new sheds are becoming wider, more and more membrane ropes and grasshoppers are needed. Th READ MORE

Several kinds of topdressing methods commonly used in a…

In order to meet the need of mineral nutrients for the growth and development of vegetables, vegetables often require more topdressing. Now I will use cabbage as an example to introduce some commonly used top dressing methods to farmers' friends. First, flushing. When the Chinese cabbage is wat READ MORE

Concerned about the effective storage of idle farm mach…

It has entered the winter slack season. Most agricultural machinery will be idle during the winter. In order to ensure that the busy season of the coming year, all types of machinery can still maintain a good state of technology, to remind the majority of farmers friends, in the winter farm machine READ MORE