Correct use of common pesticides

1. bt powder, bacillus, acaricidal bacteria, etc. in biological preparations are commonly used bacterial pesticides, and its insecticidal effect is related to the number and activity of bacteria. It requires a suitable temperature of 20 ~ 30 °C, humidity needs to be larger, and requires direct s READ MORE

Pay attention to the prevention of wheat stripe rust

Wheat stripe rust is one of wheat rust. Wheat rust, commonly known as "jaundice", strip rust, stem rust and leaf rust, is an important disease in China with wide distribution, rapid spread, and large area of ​​damage. Among them, the occurrence of wheat stripe rust is the m READ MORE

Color silkworm cocoon production method

First, choose and improve the law. Such breeds mainly refer to colored tussah species, China has Bilian, Dazao, Mianyanghong, Balinghuang, Ankang No.4, etc.; Japan has Zhongguang Huangyu, PNGPCG, Gunma 125, and so on. Feeding these silkworm varieties can directly obtain colorful natural colored si READ MORE

Seedless watermelon cultivation techniques

Seedless watermelon cultivation techniques, there are common with the ordinary watermelon, there are differences. There are various cultivation methods, and the main cultivation techniques are as follows: First, seedbed preparation The nursery bed should be built on a leeward sunny side, where t READ MORE

Green pepper quick freezing processing method

Processing quick-frozen green pepper can maintain its color, flavor and nutrient composition, can be stored for a long time, and it is convenient to eat. First, the choice of raw materials: choose a suitable maturity, fresh tissue, flesh hypertrophy, consistent fruit shape, uniform size, no decay READ MORE

Litter recovery and fermentation of green manure

Deciduous trees can serve as organic nutrients needed to protect vegetation and rot. They can also be used as organic nutrients for plant growth. Removing them as garbage is a waste and an increase in the workload of sanitation work; landfilling is simple but accounts for The land area is large, an READ MORE

Wheat midge pests do more harm than good

The wheat midge insects are small in size, highly concealed, and of great danger. One grain of wheat can be used to suck three dry worms. In recent years, outbreaks have occurred in our province in recent years, and some plots have often caused severe production cuts due to untimely control. In re READ MORE