Potted winter management

Home grown potted flowers, many of which are native to tropical or temperate regions. Sex hi warm. Therefore, in order to make the pots spend the winter, it is necessary to gradually move into the room in late autumn or early winter. Placement: The placement of potted flowers into the room should READ MORE

Ginseng Disease Prevention and Treatment

Ginseng is an Araliaceae ginseng plant that produces mainly Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces. Roots, stems, leaves, and fruits are used for medicine, which has the functions of nourishing vital energy, relieving the heart, restoring the heart and rejuvenating the body, and rejuvenating th READ MORE

Liangxing No. 4 Maize Cultivation Technology

Liangxing No. 4 was a maize single-cross hybrid bred by the Liangxian Seed Research Institute of Dezhou City, Shandong Province, using the self-selected line Liang 12 as the female parent and the self-selected line Liang 11 as the parent. In 2005, it passed the national examination and approval. Th READ MORE

Do not let the mushroom grow "spot"

Black spot and rust spot are two common diseases of mushroom cultivation. Affects both production and quality. Its prevention and control methods are: 1. After the onset of black spot disease, the mushroom mushroom cap has an oval brown or dark brown spot, with a needle-like shape at the beginnin READ MORE

Cultivation of mushrooms with apple dregs

Apples are rich in nutrients and are good ingredients for the production of mushrooms. Use it as a culture material to produce mushrooms, not only low cost, good taste, but also high yield and good efficiency. Each 100 kg of culture material can produce about 100 kg of fresh mushrooms. The formula READ MORE

Japan's Riyuebei breeding technology

The intermediate breeding of shellfish seedlings refers to the fact that the juveniles are cultivated in one stage in the indoor environment and it is difficult for the indoor environment conditions to meet the needs of the growth and development of juveniles (the cost is too high). After reaching READ MORE

Processing dog skin note

First, remove the meat and greasy material from the dog's skin, lay it on a wooden board and grind it with coarse emery cloth or bricks until the root of the coarse hair is slightly visible. Use tea bran 250 g to add 2500 ml of water, and pour it into a basin after boiling. After cooling, place READ MORE