The main diseases and prevention of loofah

Loofah is a kind of high-quality vegetable that people love. However, due to the occurrence of diseases of different degrees, it causes a certain degree of loss every year and affects the income of vegetable farmers. The author investigated the major diseases of loofah and introduced a simple intr READ MORE

Walnut Storage and Pretreatment

Walnut is one of the main dried fruits. Its nutritional value is high and it contains high oil, protein, vitamins and minerals. Walnut kernel is also a kind of tonic commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, with qi and blood, moistening dryness, clearing the lungs and intestines. Deeply love READ MORE

Technical Measures for Cooling Down the House in Summer

Generally high temperatures in summer, especially in southern China, the temperature is usually between 30 °C ~ 35 °C, the humidity is often higher than 70%, and the duration is longer, up to 4 months. Pigs are warm-blooded animals, with thick subcutaneous fat and underdeveloped sweat glands READ MORE

Mushroom beef instant noodles seasoning process

First, the raw material of the mushroom beef pasta sauce 1. Raw material ratio of beef noodles with beef balls: palm oil 45kg, fresh butter 9kg, beef 5kg, shallot 10.2kg, ginger 3.8kg, garlic 3kg, salt 6kg, chicken skin 4kg, monosodium glutamate 5kg, cooking wine 0.6kg, sauce chicken 1.5kg, dried READ MORE

Landscaping planting type and conservation measures

Landscaping planting type and conservation measures China has the reputation of an ancient country in gardens. The gardens are intended to be used within a certain area to open up natural landscapes, combine the planting of plants and the layout of buildings, thereby creating an environment for p READ MORE

Violet planting technology

Radix is ​​a perennial herb that belongs to the Asteraceae soil. The southern region of China originates from tender young leaves and tender leaves, and has a high nutritional and health care effect. No pests have been found during its growth and it is a pollution-free vegetable. 1. READ MORE

Expert answers: Pre-production management of laying hen…

Moderator: A chicken is counted from hatching. It takes 18-20 weeks to prepare for laying eggs, and it is time for farmers to see the benefits. At this stage, the villagers should also pay attention to what management points, and look at today’s experts face to face. Da Kuan: Party teacher READ MORE