Who gave Maotai "Every day will rise" embolde…

"Humanity has been unable to stop Maotai from raising prices." Near the National Day, the peak season for liquor consumption also followed. After Wuliangye and Yanghe announced the price increase, the National Development and Reform Commission once again interviewed Maotai and ot READ MORE

Buy three superfine grinders

Since the production of Beijing Superfine Shredders, they have been based on imitation, and they do not have their own core technology and technical features. However, with the continuous development of the crusher industry, Beijing's superfine pulverizer has made great progress, and competition READ MORE

Feeding management of young geese

30-70 days old is a goose, commonly known as a goose, male and female breeding. Meat geese should be kept fully and eat freely. If you are breeding geese, you need to properly control the growth. Before and after 70 days of age, goose preselection. The 30-60 days old geese have strong adaptabilit READ MORE

The correct mix of piglet feed

Bran feed Such feeds are rice bran, wheat bran, sweet potato cane, peanut cane, broad bean leafhopper, soybean straw, etc. The amount of pigs is 10% to 15% of the total amount of feed, up to no more than 20%. Pancake feed Mainly include rapeseed cake, peanut cake, cottonseed cake, soybean cake, READ MORE

Potato tuber malformation causes

The potato tuber malformation is mainly caused by the unfavorable conditions such as high temperature and drought during the growth period of potato tubers, which inhibits the growing tuber growth. Afterwards, due to rainfall or irrigation, the tubers resumed growth. At this time, the organic nutri READ MORE

Method for safeguarding sow reproduction rate

The sow’s reproductive performance goes beyond the congenital factors of genes, and is also affected by many factors such as the external environment, disease, and the level of feeding and management. In order to increase the sow's farrowing rate and ensure that the sow's pregnancy READ MORE

Pharmaceutical investment will not allow pharmaceutical…

First, the selected products are not competitive, so that the investment funds of enterprises can be used as follows: The product is the base of the pyramid. If the quality of the product itself is not too hard, or the product does not have a high technological content, there is no new per READ MORE