Fertilizer use in vegetables

First, boron fertilizer There are borax, boric acid, followed by boron and magnesium fertilizer. Borax, boric acid application or top-dressing 0.5-0.75 kilograms per acre, foliar spraying concentration of 0.1% to 0.3%, soaking concentration of 0.01% to 0.1%, seed dressing per kilogram of seed fer READ MORE

What is the relationship between chicken and chicken?

Nowadays, more and more seasonings are on the market, and there are also many chicken brands. Many people are biased towards monosodium glutamate and have a special liking for chicken. We can only say that the name “chicken essence” has been very successful. It is matched with large he READ MORE

Can pregnant women eat longan?

Women do not have to eat longan during pregnancy. Longan contains glucose, vitamins, sucrose and other substances, nutrient-rich, there is nourishing the nerves and nourishing the benefits of spleen. However, it is a forbidden fruit for pregnant women, especially women who are pregnant early. Alt READ MORE

Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry Investment Strategy…

The pattern of drug consumption will be dominated by long-term in-patient drug consumption, and the impact of medical reform on drug consumption will gradually manifest itself. After the implementation of the basic drug system, pilots of public hospital reforms have been initiated, some ho READ MORE

Wan Rong: Industrial and Agricultural Transformation Qi…

Since the beginning of this year, the Wanrong County Party Committee and County Government have led the people of the county to focus on the development ideas of “strong industrial counties and rich people in agriculture”, insisted on taking the scientific concept of developmen READ MORE

Environmental factors that cause errors in electronic b…

Electronic balances are precision electronic instruments that are susceptible to external environmental factors, so we need to find out the source of these errors so that we can reduce the error to get more accurate results. Let's briefly analyze the source of the error of the electronic balance READ MORE

The winter solstice stays late and gets up late to see …

From the TCM health point of view, the following five aspects must be observed in the winter solstice health: First, the focus of the winter solstice health care should be nourished (strength is not competing, spiritual extinction) The key to health care is to cultivate the mind. It is necessary READ MORE