Cultivation Techniques of Late-ripening Peach

First, the garden conditions Late peaches and winter peaches need the same environmental conditions as ordinary peach. Yunnan is located at an altitude of 1800-2100 meters, with an average temperature of 12°C-15°C, an accumulated temperature of 4000°-4500°C at ≥10°C, an annual READ MORE

Watermelon tomato sauce

Watermelon pretreatment: Immerse the watermelon with 0.1% KmnO4 for 10 minutes, rinse and rinse with water, then cut the watermelon into four pieces with a stainless steel knife, remove the green peel, cut the green skin, and then slice → slicer, slice thickness 2-3mm → watermelon ri READ MORE

A good way to solve the fry open bait

Directly increasing rotifers in ponds is an effective way to solve the problem of opening the bait, reduce production costs, and improve the survival rate and quality of fry. The main points of its technical operation are described as follows: 1. Drainage clear pond: Rotifers re-emerged from res READ MORE

Cultivation of wild grass

Wild grasses spread all over the country and were born in fields, cultivated lands, houses, roadside wetlands and wetlands, and rice fields. 1. Feeding value Wild grass is soft and suitable for planting on wet and saline land. Fresh grass and hay are used for livestock. Its nutritional value is hi READ MORE

Greenhouse soil disinfection

In recent years, crops with important economic value, such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers, have been rapidly expanded. The production area of ​​protected areas has been continuously increasing. High-density cultivation of facility agriculture and planting of one crop year after ye READ MORE

New Techniques for Raising Seedlings in Rice Fields

In recent years, the development of mud aquaculture has gained momentum and there has been a shortage of seedlings. It is profitable to use rice fields to breed loach seedlings. Now Zhao Jinzhong, a professional householder in Huayuan Village, Yifeng Town, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, is using READ MORE

Black tea manufacturing process

Black tea's manufacturing process is to kill, rub, rub and dry. One of these is the unique process of black tea manufacturing, which is also the key process for the formation of black tea quality. (1) Fixing As the leaves of the dark tea are coarse and old, the water content is low, they need READ MORE