New rice fertilization technology promoted in Hunan

Seeing Miao Accurately Applying “N” Nitrogen Fertilizer, Applying 30% Less Nitrogen, Increasing Production by 10% An important research achievement of the International Rice Research Institute - Rice Field Fertilization Technology (referred to as SSNM) is promoted in Hunan, opening up a READ MORE

Artificial deer feeding and rearing of deer

Colostrum, like other mammals, is very important to the deer. For deer that have been abandoned by a female deer or died from a doe, nursing or artificial feeding can be carried out. Artificial nursing. Artificial milk can be used for cattle and goat milk. A small number of 1-4 weeks old puppies sh READ MORE

Rabbit raising five points in summer

Summer is the most difficult season for raising rabbits. Because rabbits do not have sweat glands, they have poor heat dissipation capacity, and they are prone to heat stress in high temperature and high humidity conditions in the summer, affecting production performance. Therefore, raising rabbits READ MORE

Accurate use of precision jukebox on air-suction film

The on-film precision on-demand technology is welcomed by people for its province, labor, production, and economic benefits, and it is rapidly being used in Xinjiang's agricultural production. As a carrier for implementing new technologies, the precision-demanding machine on air-suction membran READ MORE

How to adjust the gear oil pump transmission repair

When the gear oil pump transmission is reassembled and reassembled, the teeth of the movable claw coupling and the fixed claw coupling are first in the fully meshed position, and then the two fixing bolts on the positioning plate are loosened but not tightened. In the case of a fall, insert the pos READ MORE

Tuna processing technology

First, the treatment of the deck 1, to avoid fish jump: After the fish on the deck, can not let it jump, so as not to cause congestion inside the body. After bruising, it will cause 5 times the area of ​​muscle damage, especially in the abdomen, the treatment is: on the carpet, hands READ MORE

Onion pollution-free production technology

Onions are one of the important export-oriented vegetable varieties in Yantai City. Fresh onions and dehydrated onions are exported to countries and regions such as Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. To increase production, product quality, and economic benefits, onions are now under t READ MORE