The effectiveness of vegetable manure fertilizer is high

Green, organic, and pollution-free foods are increasingly favored by people. Rational application of organic fertilizers such as manure and animal manure is an important measure for the development of green foods. To sum up, it is "four lookes", that is, a look at the types of vegetables, secondly, the development stage of vegetables, thirdly, the state of soil, and fourth, the temperature level.

1. The amount of fertilizer varies depending on the type of vegetables. For long-growing vegetables, manure can be used as a base fertilizer. At the same time, during the growth period, topdressing should be performed multiple times. Some vegetables (such as radish, potatoes, etc.) do not have a long growth period, but since they belong to root and tuber crops, more than 80% of the fertilizer can be used as a base fertilizer. Some vegetables, such as potatoes and ginger, should avoid human urine as much as possible, because the chloride ions in human waste will make the quality of these vegetables worse.

2. Different concentrations of manure should be applied to the same vegetable at different stages of development. Thin, decomposed manure should be applied during the seedling period to ensure proper seedlings absorption and adequate nutrition. The period of tree-building depends on the appropriate top-dressing of the seedlings, and it will reach a long-term stability. During the fruit period or the fruiting period, higher concentrations of manure can be applied, and the amount of manure is also higher.

3. When applying manure, how much water is added and the amount of fertilizer applied depends on the soil conditions. The soil is relatively dry. When manure is applied, it must be “light weighted and heavy” (low concentration, large amount of application); Sandy soil has poor fertility and should “eat less meals”; sticky soil has strong fertility, so the amount of fertilizer can be large some.

4. Flexible application according to the temperature. Temperature affects the endurance of vegetable roots to fertilizer concentration. Therefore, in the hot season, manure should be mixed with more water to prevent "burning roots". In winter, slightly thicker manure can be applied. (Zhaomei, Shanqing Agricultural Technology Station, Taiping Town, Teng County, Guangxi Zip Code: 543314)

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