Selection and cultivation management of Photinia frasery

Selection of Photinia seedlings

When purchasing seedlings, we must choose a supplier with good reputation and quality after-sales service to ensure the purity of the variety and reduce the production risk.

Selection and Arrangement of Nursery Fields of Photinia fraseri

The soil in the planting area is loose in texture, fertile and slightly acidic to neutral, and the irrigation is convenient and the drainage is good. Before the seed value, 3,000 kg of decomposed manure and 50 kg of superphosphate are applied per acre, and the depth of soil plowing is 25 cm or more. At the same time, insecticides are used to control underground pests. After the ploughing, the soil was leveled and the drainage ditch was opened to make the bed with a bed width of about 1 meter.

Seedlings of red leaf heather transplanted

The transplanting time is generally from March to April in spring and from October to November in autumn, and it must be decided according to the local climate conditions. The spacing of the colonization should be based on the time of the nursery and the cultivation goal. If it is planned to cultivate annual shrubs for sale, the plant spacing should be 3535 cm or 4040 cm, and about 3000 plants per mu.

When the seedlings are transplanted, they must be carefully removed from the packaging or removed from the nutrient pods to ensure that the root ball is intact and dig holes; use fine earth mounds in the roots and allow the roots to stretch and gently compact. Drench the water immediately after planting.

After the planting of red leaf heather

During the seedling period after planting, special attention should be paid to water management. In case of continuous sunny days, water should be poured 3 to 4 days after transplanting, and once every 10 days afterwards, water should be poured once; in case of continuous rain, timely drain. About 15 days later, the seedlings can be fertilized after they have too slow seedlings. Apply urea once every two weeks in spring, with a dosage of about 5 kg/mu. In summer and autumn, compound fertilizer is applied once every two weeks at a dosage of 5 kg/mu. In winter, a decomposed organic fertilizer is applied at an amount of 1500 kg/mu. Fertilization should be based on the principle of thin manure, and it should not be used in large amounts once, so as not to damage the roots. Usually timely weeding soil, prevent soil compaction.

Pest Control

Photinia had strong resistance and no devastating pests were found. However, if improper management or poor nursery environment, may occur gray mold, leaf spot disease or by scale insects, silkworm and other hazards. Botrytis cinerea can be sprayed with 50% carbendazim 1000 times solution, and it can be sprayed with 50% dexamethasone 800 times solution at the onset. Leaf spot can be controlled by 50% carbendazim 300-400 times solution or thiophanate-300-400 times solution. Scale insects can be sprayed with 200-fold dilution of Dimethoate or 800-1000 times spray. The prevention and control of the silkworm should be carried out before planting, and the land should be ploughed properly and the phosphorus insecticide such as soil insects must be killed. If the soil silkworm is harmed after planting, it needs to be remedied in time. Otherwise, the spread will be very harmful, especially in the seedling stage of Photinia, which may cause a large area of ​​death.

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