Mixed fruit arrowhead white butterfly

Scientific name: Syngonium podophyllum

Alias: arrowhead, white butterfly

Family Genus: Araceae

Category: Evergreen Vine

Morphological characteristics:

Evergreen vines, strong vines, stems often have aerial roots.

The leaves have long stems, and there are many changes in leaf shape. The shapes of the leaves are different in young and mature stages: the new leaves in the young stage are arrow-shaped or head-shaped, while the mature old leaves are 3 or 5 cracked. Palmate leaves (palmitoids as much as 9-1J1 cleft); lobes on the left and right sides of the leaf base, often with small lobe-like lobes; leaf veins from leaf base to leaf ends neatly and in parallel, forming marginal veins.

Origin distribution:

Native to the United States, South America, tropical regions.

Growth habits:

The optimum temperature for growth is 22-30°C, and the growth is slower at 15°C, and the stem and leaf growth stops below 10°C. Frost damage occurs at temperatures below 5°C in winter. When the temperature exceeds 10°C in the spring, the fruit buds begin to sprout, and as the temperature rises, the speed of stems and leaves gradually increases.

Fruits and nuts are afraid of dryness. During the vigorous growth period in summer, sufficient watering is needed to keep the basin soil moist so as to facilitate the rapid growth of stems and leaves. Every day, the leaf spray is increased to maintain high air humidity, and the leaves grow robustly and fully, which has a good viewing effect. Insufficient moisture or drought, the blade becomes smaller and smaller.

The fruit is more adaptable to light. In bright light, the leaves are larger and the leaf color becomes lighter. Under semi-negative conditions, the leaves become smaller and the leaves darker. However, under low light conditions for a long time, the stem and petiole were elongated, the plant shape was loose, and the leaves became smaller. The appropriate light for the growth of the fruit pods is between 15,000 and 3 million luxes, ie 70% to 80% of shade in summer and 40% to 50% in winter.

The soil is suitable for fertile, loose and well-drained sandy loam. Potted soil is a mixed soil of rot leaf soil, peat soil and coarse sand. At the same time, it is also very suitable for soilless cultivation.

Common varieties:

The arrowheads are Albelineatum. The young leaves are arrow-shaped, palmately 3-lobed, and the leaves green. Silver veins appear on both sides of veins. Mature leaves are dark green.

Albo-virens, young leaves narrow and long arrow-shaped, pale green, tending to pale white inwards, leaf margins broad green.

Pink Butterfly, Pink-Butterfly, light green, pale pink in the middle.

SilverKnight, heart-shaped leaves, pale yellow leaves, green leaves, long petiole.

Cucumber fruit Variegata, arrow-shaped, green, with irregular white patches, petiole short.

White Butterfly (White Butterfly), leaf-shaped shield, pale white, leaf margin with green bars and stripes, petiole length.

Common genus of ornamental species are:

S. auritum, leaf palmate, 3-lobed young leaves, 5-lobed mature leaves, and largest mid-cleft. Leaves thick, thick green, shiny.

S. erythrop Hyllum, leaf arrow shaped, mature leaves 3-lobed, leaves pale green, stained pink or reddish.

S. macrophyllum, leaf-shaped, large, not divided, pale green.

S. xanthop Hilum, leaf arrowhead, narrow, yellowish green leaves.

S.wendlandii, long arrow-shaped, dark green, with silver-white markings on both sides of midrib.

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