Ipomoea Golden Dragon

Scientific name: Passiflora caerulea

Family: Convolvulaceae

Species: Perennial vines

Morphological characteristics:

Root mass; stems more than 5 meters long, glabrous or rough, slightly ribbed; leaf 5-lobed to base, middle lobe larger, ovate, 4--5 cm long, base pair lobes re-lobed or parted Apex acute or slightly blunt and short-tipped; petiole length 2 ~ 8 cm, sepals early fall, pedicel length 05 ~ 2 cm; sepals are not equal, the outer two shorter, 4 to 65 cm long, glabrous; Corolla pink or purple, funnelform, and 5-7 cm; stamens included, unequal; pistil contained, ovary glabrous, stigma 2-lobed; capsules many-balled, ca. 1 cm; seeds black, long About 5 mm, densely covered.


The Ipomoea Golden Dragon is native to the Americas and is now widely distributed in the tropics; it spreads in the coastal provinces of southern China.

Growth habits:

Ipomoea Golden Dragon is a perennial herb. It is often found in wastelands, shrubs, mountains, and watersides. It has a strong seed fertility and is a garden pest.

Especially in the neglect of the management of the courtyard more common, winding growth in the garden fences, fences, poles and wires, as well as the size of the shrubs and trees, affecting the beauty of the garden.

It can also be seen that some orchards and nurseries are seriously affected.

In Guangzhou and adjacent areas, flowers usually begin to grow from April until autumn.

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