Lubella australis

Scientific name: skimmiajaponiacrnbella

Alias: Golden Silky Golden Insect

Family: Rutaceae

Category: Bellagio evergreen shrubs

Original place:

In China, Japan and Taiwan have always cultivated their products.

Morphological characteristics:

The plant height is about 30-60 cm and the branchlets are nearly square and auburn. Leaves alternate, gathered at the top of the branches, oval or oblong lanceolate, leaves sharp, leaf base gradually narrow, margin entire. Cymose panicles, terminal.

?A? Inflorescence, alive, small flowers? Wei, white or milk color, with aroma, 3 ~ May flowers, very aromatic. Berries stone fruit, oblong to ovate oblong, red.

Reproduction method:

Sowing, cuttings.


Fruit plants, plants and potted plants, and cuttings are high-grade flower materials.

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