Liangxing No. 4 Maize Cultivation Technology

Liangxing No. 4 was a maize single-cross hybrid bred by the Liangxian Seed Research Institute of Dezhou City, Shandong Province, using the self-selected line Liang 12 as the female parent and the self-selected line Liang 11 as the parent. In 2005, it passed the national examination and approval. The approval number is Guo Juyu 2005003. Has applied for the protection of new plant variety rights. The variety has the advantages of early maturity, high yield, stable yield, high quality, drought tolerance, salt and alkali resistance and high lodging resistance.
Characteristic characteristics This species is about 92 days from emergence to maturity. The plant height is about 260 cm, the ear height is about 90 cm, the plant type is semi-compact and the leaves are dark green. The seedlings have purple sheaths, anthers lavender, red filaments, pale green shells, and 12 to 14 tassel branches, with 19 to 20 adult plants. Ears 18 to 20 cm long, long columnar, 5.4 cm thick, ear rows of more than 16 rows, row of 35 to 40 capsules, red cob, 1000-grain weight of about 300 grams, the seed rate of 84.2%, grain yellow, half Hard grain type, good quality. The root system is developed, the stems are thick and elastic, and they have high lodging resistance. As determined by the Grain Quality Supervision, Inspection and Test Center (Beijing) of the Ministry of Agriculture, the grain bulk density was 733 g/L, crude protein content was 8.84%, crude starch content was 73.31%, and lysine content was 0.26%. Medium resistance to large and small spots in the anti-silk ear, high resistance to dwarf mosaic disease.
The yield performance of Good Star No. 4 is generally 1300~1500 kg per mu, and the high yield can reach 1800 kg/mu. From 2002 to 2003, it participated in the national maize regional trial, and the yield increased by 5.6% to 19.01% compared with the control. In the 2004 production test, the yield increased by 6.48% compared to the control.
Cultivation points The variety has strong adaptability. According to the multi-year demonstration results, it can be planted in areas with an annual accumulated ≥10°C effective accumulated temperature ≥2300°C in the country, including early maturing regions such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and Shandong. Water and fertilizer management to promote the main, to promote the end. Big bell mouth attention to control corn borer. The planting density in Datian is suitable for 3500~4000 plants/mu in order to give full play to its advantages of large panicles and large grains.
Appropriate areas are suitable for planting under the general conditions of ecologically adaptable areas such as Beijing, Tianjin and Tang.

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