Do not let the mushroom grow "spot"

Black spot and rust spot are two common diseases of mushroom cultivation. Affects both production and quality. Its prevention and control methods are:
1. After the onset of black spot disease, the mushroom mushroom cap has an oval brown or dark brown spot, with a needle-like shape at the beginning, and an expanded diameter of 2 mm to 4 mm with neat edges. The disease is mainly caused by bacteria, and it occasionally invades the stipe. The diseased cap spreads to the adjacent seed entity, and when the disease is severe, the entire cap becomes black with a slight odor. The black color of the cap will affect the commodity, and the mushroom will lose its edible value when the disease is heavy.
Prevention and control methods The most important thing to prevent and cure black spot of Flammulina velutipes is to control the appropriate temperature and humidity. When spraying water in mushroom house, do not sprinkle water directly on the mushroom body. Especially, do not use cold water to spray, otherwise it will lead to excessive water absorption of the mushroom cap. Occurrence of melasma. Mushroom air relative humidity should not exceed 90% for a long time, depending on the weather changes sprinkler, sunny watering master light, hard, fine, less rainy days sprinkle or not sprinkle. Increase the ventilation after each watering, and then cover the film. The indoor temperature during the fruiting period should be adjusted to below 17°C. Mushrooms should be removed in time after onset and sprayed with 100 units/200 units of agricultural streptomycin per ml, or 600 times bleach.
2. The rust spot mainly infects the mushroom mushroom cap. In the early stage, it was a needle-like shape, and it expanded into sesame size afterwards. It was not evenly arranged, and the lesions could be combined into irregular rust spots. The pathogenic bacteria of this disease are widely distributed in nature and exist in culture materials and floating air. Under the conditions of high temperature, high humidity, poor ventilation, etc., rust spot disease is prone to occur. It infects the culture material first, and then spreads to the cap of the mushroom to cause spots.
The prevention and cure method is to prevent rust spot disease. When the mushroom room is sprinkled with water, do not directly sprinkle it on the seed body to prevent the accumulation of water on the material surface. Promptly ventilate after sprinkling water. The relative humidity of indoor air should not exceed 95% for a long time. The plastic film on the surface of the bacteria bag must be deposited after the moisture of the seed body is evaporated. In the early stage of disease, the pathogen is prevented from spreading to the healthy seed entities, and sprayed with 50% carbendazim 800 times solution or agricultural streptomycin containing 100 units to 200 units per ml.

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