Cultivation of mushrooms with apple dregs

Apples are rich in nutrients and are good ingredients for the production of mushrooms. Use it as a culture material to produce mushrooms, not only low cost, good taste, but also high yield and good efficiency. Each 100 kg of culture material can produce about 100 kg of fresh mushrooms. The formula and technology for mushroom cultivation with apple dregs are described below:

First, formula apple dregs (dry powder) 70%, wood chips 15%, wheat bran 13%, lime 2%.

Second, the technology 1. Dosage method: first apple pomace, sawdust, wheat bran mixed according to the proportion of mixing, then add lime, add side and side, so that the pH value of 6-6.5, water content of 60% of the mixed material weight - 65%. Because the apple dregs are acidic, the lower pH value is not conducive to the growth of the hyphae, so the pH should be adjusted (the pH value can be quickly measured by the universal litmus paper). 2. Disinfection inoculation: The prepared culture material is heated and sterilized, and maintained at 100°C for 1-2 hours, then slowly cooled to about 37°C, and then inoculated with mushroom strains. Cover the plastic film after inoculation and note that the distance between the films should be approximately 10 cm. 3. Temperature and Humidity: Put the culture materials after disinfection and inoculation into the mushroom culture room, the temperature is maintained at about 20°C; about 7 days, the culture material surface grows white hyphae; after 10 to 15 days, the hyphae are overgrown. The whole medium starts to appear as a mushroom body. At this point, the covered plastic film was peeled off, and the relative humidity in the culturing chamber was about 90%. 4. Harvest: From the appearance of the mushroom Fruit body, it is usually possible to harvest the first mushroom after a week or so. After the first mushroom was harvested, it was allowed to dry for 4 days under natural conditions; after the wound to be harvested healed, the water was sprayed and covered with a film to perform cultivation of the second mushroom. (Binhai County, Jiangsu Province 224500 Tel Hom Institute of edible fungi) Author: When Zhang Ji Wang Shang Fa

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