Transgenic animals

Animals undergoing genetically modified surgery are called transgenic animals.
Transgenic animal gene transfer was initially performed in mice. The mouse's fertilized egg was taken out and the gene was sent under a microscope to a male pronucleus of a fertilized egg using a glass tube. The fertilized egg has two pronuclei: one is the male pronucleus, one is the pronucleus of the egg, and the male pronucleus is larger. The diameter of mouse eggs is only 70 microns. The prokaryotic nucleus can only be seen under a microscope. The surgery uses a special micro-syringe, which holds a glass micro-injection tube and does not oscillate when injected so that the gene can be delivered to eggs.
After the injection of eggs, immediately enter the oviduct of the pseudopregnant mother and settle in the uterus. A pseudopregnant mother is a female that has prepared a pregnant condition after mating with a male vas deferens to produce a series of physiological changes. The animal with the transplanted gene is a transgenic animal.
In 1985, U.S. agricultural and livestock researchers used human genomic maps and DNA probes to study the entire genetic structure of cattle and began to identify 29 pairs of chromosomes on the chromosomes of cattle. Anti-parasitic and disease-resistant genes were drawn and gene maps were developed to improve cattle breeds and beef quality. About 200 cattle genes have been identified after 5 years, and some genes are located on different chromosomes. The study cost 2 million U.S. dollars.

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