New technology mimics Drosophila protein expression

According to BioTone, reported on March 1, 2006: Drosophila is an important model animal for genetic research since our genetic originator Moore’s time. This small insect can be said to lay the foundation for classical genetics. Drosophila is more affected by temperature (for example, Drosophila lower limb proliferation and residual wing variation are affected by temperature). Recently, Rustem Ismagilov and his colleagues at the University of Chicago developed a microfluidic device to help. Solved the technical problem of the effect of temperature on Drosophila protein expression, this research results were published in the RSC (Laboratory of the Royal Society of France) Lab on a chip 2006 the sixth period.
Since many proteins in the human body are also present in Drosophila, humans and Drosophila are identical in the aspects of life chemistry or genetics. Therefore, research on Drosophila allows us to understand exon expression, learning, and rhythms. The development of the limbs and many other complex life phenomena, and the use of fruit flies in the study of the functions of genetic factors such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease have also greatly helped.
The main advantage of Drosophila as a model animal is its small size. New individuals can be born within 12 days. What's more important is the temperature effect of Drosophila, the independence of alleles, and the timing of developmental patterns. And the clear outline of the pigment area makes these insects a good material for studying developmental patterns. By controlling its temperature, one can understand which region of the embryo is affected by temperature and the rate of expression of the protein can be disturbed - this protein causes a change in the visible striped pattern (the high temperature of the embryo first forms a fringe). Ismagilov et al. used a multi-stream laminar flow device to control Drosophila melanogaster embryos and immobilized a Y-shaped tube device at the embryonic joints so that two different temperature laminar flows It is possible to control the embryos to obtain different temperature effects and the resulting visible fringe changes can be detected by conventional or fluorescently labeled microspheres.

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