Export garlic food processing technology

1. Garlic Powder: Garlic powder is delicious, rich and spicy, with simple processing equipment and remarkable economic benefits. The process flow and operation are as follows: 1Selected materials: Select one of the following: Yellow leaf stalk withered, large head, white flesh, no pest, No damage to the garlic; 2 soaked? Wash the garlic, peel off the split petals, soaked in cold water for about 1 hour, remove the leather clothing, picked up and drain. Demand leather nets, garlic clogs, and non-stained septa; 3 crushed garlic cloves plus 1/3 clean water, beaten in a beater, and then filter (generally roving cloth), remove residual leather and other miscellaneous items 4; Dehydration - Centrifuge with about 12000 rpm to the water; 5 Drying - Put the dehydrated wet garlic powder, immediately spread flat on a bamboo sieve (interior bedding cloth) or baking tray, put in 50 °C Bake in the drying room for about 5 hours. Dry the wet garlic powder until it can be grinded by hand. 5 Smashing. In order to evenly dry the dried garlic powder into powdery form, you must use a dry grinder to catch the fine sieve. Grinding and crushing can also be carried out with a small grinding machine to pulverize and sifting into a finished product. 7 Packaging: Put garlic powder into a plastic bag or a moisture-proof kraft paper bag with a trademark or name.
Second, quick frozen garlic. Quick frozen culinary garlic is quite popular in the international market in recent years. Japan, Singapore and other countries have a great demand. The process flow and operation are as follows: 1 Selection of materials: Choose garlic, which is basically mature, more than 4 cm in diameter, complete with garlic cloves, Garlic of uniform size, cleanliness, no insects and mildew; 2 Peeling?? Garlic cloves into garlic, peeled by hand, should be peeled off now, otherwise it will be stored for a long time and it will be perishable; 3 Blanching? Pour into boiling water and keep stirring for about 2 minutes with a barrier to destroy the activity of the enzyme to prevent enzymatic degradation during freezing and freezing; 4 Cool down - Immediately pour into clear water after blanching Cool and rinse , pay attention to cold thoroughly; 5 freeze ?? will be immediately after the above series of processed garlic into a frozen plate or directly placed on a conveyor belt, into the freezer for freezing; 6 packaging ?? will freeze a good garlic A plastic bag is put into every 5kg and then loaded into the carton; 7 it is placed in a freezer and frozen at a cold temperature after being packaged and kept frozen.
Third, deodorizing garlic liquid. Deodorized garlic liquid can detoxify, detoxify, strengthen, strong, can treat hyperlipidemia, coronary arteriosclerosis embolism, and has a good anti-cancer effect, is the best-selling nourishing seasoning in the international market, in Europe, America and Japan and other countries enjoy a high reputation. The process and operation are as follows: (1) Juice extraction: Use clean, white garlic, use a rotary stainless steel press to filter out the garlic juice (or the garlic juice, a by-product of garlic powder processing), and transfer it to the sterilized barrel. 2 oil?? The garlic liquid barrel placed in a cool place below 10 °C, 4 days after the addition of 5% / FONT> 10% lettuce oil; 3 separation of garlic liquid added to the lettuce oil 4 hours after the container A semi-transparent brown liquid layer forms at the bottom. After 30 days, the liquid layer is separated from the bottom of the container and it is a deodorized garlic liquid.

Love Goji juice is without any preservatives and additives, which can be stored at room temperature, and raw materials of which are selected from GAP standard planting base in Zhongning County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.


After cleaning, removing pesticide residues, leaching, pre-disinfection, crushing, grinding, anti-oxidation treatment, sterilization, and aseptic filing, Love goji juice is got, maintaining the natural nutrition in maximum, which is widely used as raw materials of functional beverages.


The company has completed HACCP verification and passed ISO9001 certification, in addition, for the world market, it has got the European Union ECOCERT organic certification and USDAs National Organic Program (NOP) certification.

Annual output of organic Goji products is at 500 tons, which is in line with European and US organic standards; annual output of ordinary Goji is at 3,000 tons.

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