Red Fuji skewed fruit formation

In the production, Red Fuji apples generally have skewed fruit. Fruit skewness, although not much impact on the internal quality, but it is very detrimental to the appearance of the quality and value of goods. How did Red Fuji's skewed fruit form? First, the investigation of the position of students with uncomfortable position found that the skewness rate of fruit branches born on both sides, especially upwards, reached 60% to 70%; while the downward slope of fruit branches, the skew rate was more than 20%. %the following. Therefore, in the process of thinning and thinning fruit, the fruit that was born on the top of the side and on the back of the fruit branch should be kept less, and the fruit on the fruit branch that is growing down should be kept. Second, pollination, fertilization, poor flowering, low temperature, rain or wind, and no artificial pollination orchard. Due to poor pollination and fertilization, no endosperm is produced in adjacent 2 to 3 ventricles, affecting development and forming skewed fruit. When the species is single or flowering at low temperature, rainy weather or strong wind, artificial pollination or beekeeping and fruiting and pollination must be performed. The pollination and fertilization are safe and the fruit develops normally. Third, when the fruit thinning technique improperly leaves fruit, it leaves the fruit on the fruit branch that is growing upwards, or leaves two fruits, or leaves the single fruit that is not the center flower, and it is easy to form fruit skew. Red Fuji apples must be strictly thinning and thinning fruit, leaving more fruit on the branches of the fruit, leaving only one fruit per inflorescence, leaving the fruit center. Fourth, the storage of nutrients is not enough If the tree nutrient storage is sufficient, it can improve the fertilization rate of fruit and promote the development of young fruit. If the conditions of the previous fertilizer and water are good, the fruit shape is high pile. In addition, to prevent skewed fruit, it is necessary to determine the appropriate 667 square meters of production under the premise of ensuring quality. At present, many orchards have left too many fruits and have remained fruitful. This phenomenon does not change, and the skewed fruit rate will remain high. 667 square meters of red Fuji apple production, generally maintained at about 1600 kg is appropriate.

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