Pump selection and maintenance

The main machine of the pump is the water pump and the motor. The correct selection and maintenance of the pump is very important for reducing the cost of farmland irrigation and irrigation. Selection of Pumps In the river network of farmland, the terrain is low, and flood discharge is the main task during the flood season. However, irrigation is also required during droughts. This requires a large flow of the pump, but also to meet the needs of irrigation and drainage. If the lift is less than 5 meters, the preferred axial flow pump is better. Plains with slightly higher ground, if the lift is 5 to 10 meters, a mixed-flow pump should be preferred. In the hilly areas or highland areas, the terrain is relatively high and pumps with large heads are required. Generally if the lift exceeds 10 meters, centrifugal pumps may be preferred. If the lift is high, multi-stage centrifugal pumps or multi-stage pumps should be used to lift the water step by step. In arid areas of the north, some places rely mainly on pumping groundwater for irrigation, and it is advisable to use deep well pump or well water submersible pump. When the required flow is not too large, a suitable pump can be used. If the required flow rate is large, it is better to use 2 to 4 pumps of the same type and the same specifications, which is conducive to management, use and maintenance. Power support and operation (1) The power of the supporting power and the rated power of the pump must be matched. If the power of the supporting power is too large, power will be wasted and the cost will be increased. On the contrary, there will be insufficient water flow or the machine will be overloaded, and it will be easy to damage the parts and unable to work. (2) When the newly purchased machine starts, it is necessary to wipe away the protective oil on the pump and other parts. Check carefully whether the impeller rotation is normal, whether the shaft rotation is flexible, whether the bearing clearance is appropriate, whether the gasket between the joint surfaces of the pump body is damaged, whether the connection of each component is firm, whether the water inlet hose leaks, leaks, etc., if any. Problems should be promptly repaired. (3) The installation of pumps and power machinery should be firm and stable, so that the axis of the water pump and the power shaft should be parallel. When installing the belt, the loose side of the belt should be on the top to facilitate the increase of transmission work efficiency. (4) When the motor drives the pump to pump water, it is forbidden for the two pumps to start the operation at the same time so as to prevent the electric motor from being burned due to the excessive current of the entire line, causing undue economic loss. (5) When the pump stops pumping, the pressure valve must be closed before shutting down and the belt removed. When the machine is shut down for a long period of time, it is necessary to clean the entire machine and completely drain the water in the pump. The protective parts and parts that are rusted easily must be coated with protective oil to prevent corrosion of the pump. Maintenance of Bearings (1) The newly used pumps are generally replaced with grease (oil) after 100 hours of operation, and replaced once every 500 hours of operation. (2) Grease-lubricated flow bearings should be replaced after 1500 hours of operation. The amount of oil to be added should not be too much or too little. Because too much or too little grease can cause bearing heating, the amount of fuel is generally controlled. In the bearing chamber volume 1/2 ~ 2/3 is appropriate. (3) For bearings lubricated with lubricating oil, the amount of oil should be added to the specified position. (4) The container for lubricating oil or grease should be clean and should be sealed at ordinary times. There should be no dust, iron or other debris, so as not to damage the bearing. (5) The motor bearing generally uses sodium grease. This grease is characterized by its high temperature resistance (125°C), but it is easily dissolved in water, so it cannot be used for the lubrication of water pump bearings.

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