The New Technology of Quick and Rapid Fertilizer for Meat Ducks

Using new technology to fatten ducks and ducks, it takes only about two months from the time that the ducklings are hatched. The weight of the meat ducks can reach a market size of about 3kg, and each can make a profit of about 10 yuan. The new long-distance fertilizer technology is introduced as follows:
First, the choice of species. Meat ducks can be raised in winter, such as Cherry Valley Duck, Kangbei Duck, Shanghai White Duck, Beijing Duck, Di Gao Duck, Gaoyou Duck and Jianchang Duck. These varieties have strong cold resistance, rapid growth and development, good fattening performance, and high slaughter rate. They are suitable for fast rearing in winter.
Second, ducklings cultivation. From hatching to 25 days for ducklings. Duckling breeding techniques mainly include the following points:
1, choose young. Select light hair, soft and elastic abdomen, clean anus, thick legs, large mouth, eye drums, lively and robust ducklings.
2, insulation. Within 7 days after hatching, the ducklings were kept at 27-30°C. After 7 days, cool 1°C per day. After 15 days, it is maintained at about 15°C. After 20 days, they were raised at room temperature. If the temperature is low during the early brooding period, a warm, dry straw, etc. can be thickly cushioned in the basket to make a flat bottom. Place 10 to 20 ducklings in each basket and cover them with old clothes or wadding, so that ducklings can rely on each other to keep warm. But pay attention to proper ventilation.
3, open food. Ducklings can be eaten within 20 to 24 hours after hatching. When you start eating, you should drink after drinking. The water can be filled into a shallow dish and capped in the middle. Only the side of the dish with water is exposed so that the ducklings can learn to drink. After drinking, cook half-cooked rice in a timely manner. Do not soft or hard rice. Soak in clear water to remove stickiness. Drain and mix 1.5% to 2% of sugar. Sprinkle it in a plastic tray or drain pan. Ducklings learn to eat, eat and sprinkle. On the day of eating, drink and feed once every 1.5 to 2 hours. Feed only 80% of them at a time to prevent swelling.
4, drinking water and feeding. From the 2nd to the 4th day after starting to eat, drinking water and feeding 5 to 6 times a day, 5 to 15 days for 4 to 5 times, 15 days to 3 to 4 times. The feed is still cooked with medium-sized, soft-not-stewed rice, but from the 4th day onwards, no sugar is added and compound feed is added. Reference formula (%): corn 45, broken rice 10, wheat 5, wheat bran 5, fried soybean 17, rapeseed cake 7, cocoon 7, shell powder 2.7, bone meal 1, table salt 0.3. At the same time, ducklings should also be fed with green feed. In the 4th to 10th days, green feed can account for 30% to 40% of the diet. Single feed can be used for feeding.
5, put water. After 2 to 5 days of hatching, the ducklings can be placed in the water for 5 to 7 minutes using a leaky screen. The feet are washed first, and then they are slowly sunk to allow them to swim and wash. Afterwards, the water can be drained regularly every day. 7 days ago, the water was released 2 or 3 times a day for 10 to 20 minutes each time. After 7 days, it can be placed in deep water of 8 to 10 cm in depth after each feeding. After 15 days, the water in the enclosure increased to 15-20 cm.
Third, the young bred. Meat ducks are called young chicks in 21 to 50 days. There are the following points in the cultivation techniques in the mid-term period:
1, house feeding. Suitable for cherry white ducks, Beijing ducks, Di Gao ducks and other white feather varieties. The venue is available next to a pond or river bend, or in an empty courtyard. The sheds should be air-flown, and a 60-cm-high sub-duck bar should be built with bamboo strips. Each square is 5 square meters, and 20 to 30 ducks can be raised. In the side of the sidewalk, hang the trough and sink. Reference formula for compound feed (%): corn 62, wheat bran 15, fried pea 6, fish meal 7, rapeseed cake 7, bone meal 2.8, table salt 0.2. Feed 4 times a day, feed water while feeding, and try to eat as much as possible. At the same time to add green materials, the general ratio of green feed and compound feed is 1 to 1.5:1.
2, grazing bred. Mainly applicable to Gaoyou Duck, Jianchang Duck and other duck breeds. Can be placed in winter idle rice fields, ponds, rivers, rivers and other waters. Grazing time is generally 1 time in the afternoon, before 11 o'clock in the morning and after 16 o'clock in the afternoon. At the same time, daily supplement formula feed 2 or 3 times, according to feed formula in the feeding of young chicks.
Fourth, short-term breeding. The main purpose is to increase the fatness of the duck and make the meat more delicious and tender. When the young is raised to 50-55 days, it is most suitable to start fattening. Use "high-energy, low-protein" compound feed during fattening. Reference formula (%) Corn 35, flour 30, rice bran 25, sorghum 6.5, shell powder 2, bone meal 1, salt 0.5. Filling and fattening were carried out, and the compound feed was adjusted to a dry paste with water, and it was hand-rolled into a round bar with a diameter of 3.3 cm and a length of 5 cm. The operator sits on a stool with his legs clamped on the lower part of the duck body. The left mother's finger and index finger open the duck's beak and the middle finger presses on the tongue. The right hand rubs the round stick of water to lubricate it, and then fills it from the mouth to the esophagus. . Fill 3 times a day. On the first to third days of fattening, 3 to 4 round sticks were fed each time; on the 4th to 8th day, 4 to 6 sticks were fed each time; after 8 days, 6 to 8 sticks were fed each time. After filling, drink enough water for a few minutes each time to facilitate digestion and fattening. Management should pay attention to the darkness of the duck house, so that the duck activities, more rest. The fattening period is generally 10 to 15 days. When the duck has a body weight of 2 to 3 kilograms, the thickness of subcutaneous fat is increased by hand, and the plumage of the wing feather is transparent.
V. Epidemic prevention and control. In the fast and long-term fertilizer for winter ducks, the disease is the biggest hazard. In addition to strengthening the management of feeding, special efforts should be made to prevent epidemics. Prevention of duck plague can be used duck maggot attenuated vaccine, when the meat duck raised to about 20 days, each muscle 1 ml injection; to prevent duck cholera available bird cholera vaccine, in the meat duck raised to 30 to 40 days, each injection of 2 ml . Usually can be used sulfamethazine or sulfathiazole 0.5% to 1% of the proportion of feed, even feed 3 to 5 days, stop after 10 days and then feed; can also be used one-tenth of potassium permanganate drinking water epidemic prevention, the effect is very good .

Mobile Type Halogen Operating Light

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