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A copper hydroxide bactericide that can replace imported pesticides such as chlorpyrifos---- Ruifu 2000, is currently successfully developed by Taizhou Bioagrochemical Plant and approved by the National Petrochemical Industry Bureau for exclusive production at domestic sites. Copper hydroxide is The latest products in the copper bactericides are characterized by the fact that they are not prone to phytotoxicity, have no residue, no pollution, and do not produce resistance during long-term use. Tested by the agricultural departments of many countries in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, this product has achieved a one-drug and multi-drug treatment and has a very significant control effect on more than 60 diseases on more than 100 agricultural crops. It is an excellent product for the production of green fruits, vegetables and grain. Fungicides. At present, in the domestic market, copper hydroxide is almost all American products such as chlorate, copper bacteria, and blue shield copper. After many years of research, Taizhou Bioagrochemical Factory launched its own copper hydroxide, Ruifu 2000, in China in 2000. The uniqueness of this product lies in that it is the same as copper hydroxide. The color of Ruifu 2000 is sky blue. The reason is that the microstructure of the product is different, and the structure of other similar products is acupuncture spherical particles, and Ruipu is viewed under a high-power electron microscope as a 0.5-1 micron needle-like particle. This structure has a larger contact area on the surface of the crop and is easy to use. Convergence network, resistant to rain erosion, long-lasting efficacy. After Xinjiang Fongli Base, Shandong Vegetable Base, and Luzhou Lugan Base were used on a large scale, it was reported that the control effect was better than killing.

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