The prevention and treatment of snake skin disease

Snake skin disease in snake farms has an incidence rate as high as 20% and a mortality rate of about 10%. The disease can cause snake body weight loss and death, and bring great economic losses to farmers.
Snake skin disease is mainly caused by bacteria. Here are some comprehensive prevention and control methods:
First, improve the feeding environment. Summer ventilation, water cooling, so that the temperature is controlled at 22 ~ 30 °C, humidity 70 ~ 80%.
Second, control the breeding density. Than the original breeding density reduced by 50%, such as the original each snake box stocking 1 to 6 should be reduced to 1 to 3, if the field of conservation per square meter from the original 1 to 4 to 1 to 2, At the same time, the space for each snake nest should be reduced and the density of snakes in snake nests should be reduced.
Third, the skin purulent should be debrided and sterilized. The wounds were evenly coated with Qingdamycin injection for several times, and the wounds were scarred 2 to 3 days later. In addition, 200 mg of amikacin per kilogram of water in drinking water was fed once a day for 5 days for a preventive effect.
4. Soak the solution with 0.1% solution of trichlorfon for two minutes to drive off the snake parasites.
5. When the snake enters the field, the body weight is 0.2 mg/kg and ivermectin is injected into the tail muscle to remove the parasites.
Sixth, treatment. Kanamycin was used for snakes and was injected intramuscularly at 15 mg/kg body weight once a day for 3.5 days.
Seven, you can use 100 poison to kill, to Su children, benzalkonium disinfectant 3 kinds of disinfectants on the site disinfection effect is better.

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