Breeding cultivation of carp

1. The incubation loop (barrel) nursery loop is a special water body that simulates the natural ecological conditions and keeps the eggs rolling. Directly adopting loops to raise fish fry provides the living environment required for salmon fry, and more importantly, when the fry fry hatches and feeds, it feeds palatable bait fish – other live fish fry that have been stripped soon. The nutrition needed for the growth and development of fry can maintain the fresh water quality. During the cultivation of carp fry, attention should be paid to the disadvantages of the loop that are not easy to discharge, and to prevent the deposition of silt and humus in the loop. After 5-7 days of cultivation, sunny days should be selected, and the ring should be rotated around 10 o'clock in the morning. The eel fry gluttony, it is best to stop feeding the bait fish 12 hours before the swivel, in order to ensure that the swivel ring fasting and reduce losses.

2. Net cage nursery cage is the ideal place for seedling breeding. We can ensure that there are sufficient and readily available baits and fresher water for constant exchange. The inadequacy is that the feed fish that has just been removed from the membrane can not be fed, the containers need to be washed frequently, the cage is replaced regularly, the management of the fry is relatively complicated, and the operation is relatively difficult. The cages generally adopt the three-stage seedling raising method: Class I boxes, 40 to 28 mesh/3 centimeters of polyethylene mesh sewn into a box, 4 to 6 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1 meter deep; Class II boxes , Sluice box made of 0.3cm wide warp knitted polyethylene mesh sheet, 2 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1 meter deep; Class III box is made by slitting 0.5cm warp knitted polyethylene mesh Skull box, 2 meters long, 1 meter wide, 1 meter deep. The supporting ratio of the cages for level I, II and III is l:10:20.

3, cement pool seedlings cement pool is generally 4 meters 6 meters and 0.8 meters, but also slightly larger or smaller. However, there must be a certain inclination at the bottom, and there should be a seedling pool at the bottom of the drainage area and there should be drainage and drainage facilities. The drainage device is composed of a rubber tube, a filter mesh and a supporting iron wire. The rubber tube mouth is fixed at the center of the wire frame. It is required that no matter how it is placed, it will not be discharged into the pool water, and it seems to maintain a certain water level. Drainage flow is controlled by the number of drain pipes and the height of the outlet.

4. When the small earthen pond breeding carp grows to about 3.0 centimeters, it can be put into a small pond for breeding. The amount of the carp is about 150,000/ha. The bait fish must be pre-cultured in the pond. Feeding of bait fry is usually done 10-15 days before the catfish species are released, and the amount of 15 to 22,500,000 tails per hectare. Add a small amount of fresh water at regular intervals every day, and I would like to make the water quality worse.

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