How to save feed technology for Penaeus vannamei

Cultured South American white shrimp generally uses pelleted compound feed. Since this kind of feed has a higher selling price (generally 4000-5000 yuan/ton), feed cost is its main expense, and generally accounts for more than 70%. Therefore, it is an important way to obtain better economic benefits for the culture of Penaeus vannamei.

First, remove wild fish and reduce the number of contenders.

There are more wild fish and miscellaneous shrimps in the pond. Low-quality fish and shrimp compete for feed, which will reduce the feed utilization rate. Therefore, attention should be paid to removing it. The method is to put seedlings forward 20-30 centimeters, per acre with lime 150 kilograms of pulp after Quanchiposa thorough disinfection of the clear pond, kill the wild fish in the pool. Add filter bags when entering the water to prevent wild fish from entering the pool with water.

Second, pay attention to the choice and supplement of feed.

1, to use the regular manufacturers of South American white shrimp feed, in order to ensure rapid growth of shrimp, avoid feed waste.

2. Pay attention to fertilization in the early stage of cultivation to cultivate biological communities that are beneficial to shrimp growth, such as benthic organisms and plankton. Some beneficial feed organisms can be transplanted into the pond so that less or no bait can be given. With the consumption of basal feed, some pathogen-free live bait and prawn-specific compound feeds can be fed, and then gradually transition to feeding the South American white prawns feed, which can save part of the feed.

3. In the later period of culture, after the outbreak period of shrimp disease, some live feeds can be fed according to local feed sources to save the cost of bait. But pay attention to the feed must be fresh, not spoilage.

Third, keep the water fresh.

Penaeus vannamei enjoys fresh water quality. The water quality is good. The shrimp grows rapidly and has few diseases. It can make full use of the bait and reduce the bait coefficient. Therefore, attention should be paid to the regulation of water quality in the culture to keep the water fresh. General requirements of water yellow-green, transparency 30-40 cm, dissolved oxygen 4 mg / liter or better.

Fourth, master the feeding techniques.

1, to adhere to the principle of a small number of times, and feeding at different times is not the same. Normally, 30% of the feed is given at 7 o'clock in the morning, 10% at 11 o'clock, 40% at 18 o'clock, and 20% at 23 o'clock.

2, master the appropriate amount of feeding. A more practical approach is to set a few 1 square meters around the pool around the bait station, evenly spilled along the pool when feeding. After 1.5-2 hours of feeding, check the shrimp feeding situation. Under normal circumstances if the full stomach rate of 60% -70%, the feeding is reasonable.

3, according to shrimp feeding. Shrimp grows vigorously and feeds more when there is no disease, but less when it is fed in the opposite direction. When shrimp is fed in large quantities, it is fed less, and the oyster shell is fed more than 1 day later.

4, according to the water temperature feeding. When the water temperature is lower than 18 degrees Celsius or higher than 32 degrees Celsius, feed less; at 25-30 degrees Celsius, feed more.

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