Mango tree disease prevention and control technology

The common diseases at the seedling stage include anthracnose, scab, bacterial leaf spot, and some fungal leaf spot diseases. Common pests include the horizontal tailwing moths, venomous moths, ulnar locusts, aphids, and so on. Spray chlorothalonil plus dimethoate. If new dangerous pests and diseases are discovered (such as mango fruit nucleus, orange fruit fly, etc.), quarantine should be strengthened and timely treatment to prevent its spread.
Newly planted areas in open or windy areas should also consider the construction of windbreak nets to reduce wind damage. The main task of the 1-2 year old tree is to cultivate the crown. It is necessary to strengthen the fertilizer and water management to apply the basic fertilizer, so that “one fertilizer per tip” can be used to promote the orderliness of the nursery. Attention should be paid to the weeding around the canopy during the rainy season. After planting 3-5 cm shoots should be started disease prevention and insecticide, available dimethoate, dichlorvos, trichlorfon plus fungicides carbendazim, thiophanate-methyl, etc. for foliar spray, pesticide application per tip 2 times, attention should be paid to the rotation of the drug. Before turning green leaves of new shoots, special attention should be paid to the control of bacterial angular spot and anthrax. To improve the quality and quantity of the canopy leaves, greatly promote the early growth of young trees, enhance tree vigor, reasonably pruning, and cultivate the backbone branches, laying a good foundation for entering the production period.

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