Measuring feet

[Scientific name] Hylocereus undatus (Haw.) Brittet Rose

[Other middle names] Bailiange, Bawanghua, Bitaiye, Bojiao cactus, Jianhua, Linsheng fairy pillar, triangular pillar, triangular arrowhead, triangular prism, vine cactus


[country of origin] Mexico

[Horticulture Features] The amount of feet can be used as a rootstock for grafting cacti plants. It has strong affinity with many cacti plants. The amount of flowers on the feet can be used to make soup, flesh can be eaten fresh, can be used as a hedge, so it has a high practical value.

[Pre-harvest management] Planting density is 2 to 4 plants per square meter. In the soil environment where the Tianchi prefers, the watering should not be excessive during the summer and autumn, especially during the cold season in winter and spring. It is better to make the soil in a dry state, otherwise, the plants are likely to rot. In addition to applying the appropriate amount of swine manure as a base fertilizer to the plants at the time of colonization. During the vigorous growth stage, thin liquid fertilizer should be applied once every other month. There are plenty of sunshine in the sky and it is also slightly shade-resistant. The nature of hi warm, growth temperature is 16 ~ 30 °C, afraid of low temperature, winter temperature should not be less than 5 °C. Due to the certain climbing ability of the measuring scale, the mother plant can be supported. During the first 3 weeks before harvesting, new shoots from the top of the fleshy shoots should be removed to ensure that they grow more abundantly.

[Post-harvest management] Cutting rods are actually used for the fleshy stems of plants. Because they are very drought-tolerant, they are usually not harmed in the air for days or even days, so they are post-harvest. Management is relatively easy. Usually, the fleshy stems are cut at their stem sections and then pre-cooled, graded, and bundled into bundles for every 10 bundles. Immediately store the treated inserts in an environment where the relative humidity is 70% to 80% and the temperature is 4 to 6°C. Cutting rods are usually stored under the above conditions for 7 to 10 days without affecting the use effect.

[Packaging materials] are usually packaged in a 60cm45cm30cm lining film corrugated box. Pay attention to the ventilation holes on the liner and corrugated box.

The volume is also known as the triangular column, native to tropical America. Is an epiphyte cactus. Hi warm and moist and semi-negative environment. Fear of low temperature frost and snow, avoid exposure to the sun. Fertile, well-drained acidic sandy loam should be selected. The temperature in winter is not lower than 12°C.


Mainly used cutting propagation. Greenhouse conditions can be carried out throughout the year, with spring and summer being the most suitable. The cuttings should be cut to a thick and mature stem section, about 15 cm long. After cutting, it should be air-dried for several days. After the incision is dry, it should be inserted into the sand bed. After about 30-40 days, the roots can be rooted. When the root length is 3-4 cm, it can be potted. Indoors more than 35 °C should stop the cuttings, high temperature and wet incision is easy to black rot.


It is easy to cultivate with a small amount of feet, and it must be fully watered and sprayed during the growing season of spring and summer. Fertilize once every half-month, control watering in winter and stop fertilizing. Potted plants are difficult to flower, and it is difficult for potted plants to flower. Planting plants at heights of 3-4 meters can only bud and flower. When the southern open field is used as a climbing fence, it needs to be trimmed regularly to facilitate even distribution of stems and stems, and to bloom even more. Over-shadowing during the cultivation process can cause leggy stems to grow long and affect flowering.

Diseases and pests

The main risk of stem blight and gray mold, can be used 50% thiophanate-methyl WP 1000 times spray control. Insect pests are harmed by scale insects, and they are sprayed with 50% of the 1000 times liquid of the killing of pine pollen.


The amount of days is a climbing cactus. The leafy stems are green all year round and are tall and dense. In the summertime, when the pale yellow flowers are open, they are bright and lovely, with aromas and pleasantness. They are called "The Queen of the Moon". In the south, it is placed on corners, rock gaps and fences to display the beautiful landscape of tropical rain forests. Potted plants are often used as grafted rootstocks such as peony and mountain blow.

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