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English name: Giant gouramy
Common names: Wood residue fish, sapphire, large spacecraft, Indian betta, large walnut production and production period:
It is located in the downstream of the Minjiang River in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province and is distributed abroad in Southeast Asia.

In the original distribution of a certain number, more common. In recent years, due to the large decrease in water volume, Xiaohegoutang in its habitat has dried up; in addition, some ponds have been used as breeding fish, and this fish has been cleared without food value, and the quantity has been significantly reduced.

The body is ovoid, flat on the side, and the starting point of the dorsal fin is the highest point on the body. The head is small and the head is longer than the body height. The kiss is blunt and its length is smaller than the eye diameter. Small cracks, superior, prominent jaw. Lips slightly developed. Eyes are larger and are located in the first half of the head. The lower edge of the anterior bone is free and serrated. The rim of the humerus is also serrated. Both the head and the body have larger scales. The lateral line scale 35-39, the lateral line to the beginning of the dorsal fin below the sharp bend, to the tail side of the median position. Dorsal fins with hard spines 7; anal fins with hard spines 10-13, 31-37 fins; pectoral fins; pelvic pelvic position, fin spine degradation, the first fins were filamentous, can extend through the caudal fin base; Caudal fins forked. Body color brilliant silver and green with a shiny sheen. From the snout to the caudal fin base with most blue oblique stripes; body side center and caudal fin base each with 1 blue round spot. Back, buttocks, caudal fins with most bright blue spots. Males have deeper body color and longer dorsal fins.

It mainly inhabits ponds, small lakes, ditches, and other aquatic plants with many hydrostatic environments. The adaptability to the environment is strong and the body is strong. Staple food plankton. Reproductive period is 3-4 months. The male fish spits foam and mixes the stalks of grass and builds an ovary that floats on the surface of the water. Small individuals, colorful, easy to raise, is one of the most common tropical ornamental fish in the world.

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