Excellent Shrub Species - Lespedeza

Lespedeza jasminoides, also known as twigs and eucalyptus, is a deciduous shrub of the legume family Resistant to drought, thin and adaptable. Lespedeza is a species that has a wide range of uses and high value. Easy breeding, strong sprouting ability, well-developed root system, and rhizobial bacteria are excellent species for soil and water conservation and improvement of soil. Mixing and afforestation with Lespedeza bushes can promote high yields. Its dense foliage, fresh branches and leaves is a good feed for livestock, crude branches can be used as fuel wood, seeds can be pressed oil, the root is a heat-clearing antidote, can cure scabs, snakebite. The survival rate of Lespedeza jasminensis is high. Seedlings are often planted with seedlings. The amount per mu is 1.5 to 2 kg. The seedling volume per acre is 560,000 plants. Afforestation using afforestation and live afforestation two methods, mainly planting afforestation. Plant spacing 1X1 meters or 1X2 meters. In slopes with serious soil and water loss, it is effective to use a narrow strip of land for direct afforestation.

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