[Scientific name]Narcissus pseudo-narcissus

[alias] daffodils, funnel daffodils, daffodils

[Genus] Amaryllidaceae Narcissus

The daffodil narcissus is native to Europe and its vicinity and is mainly distributed in Britain, Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Algeria. The narcissus daffodil adapts to the cold and dry summer heat environment in winter. It grows in autumn, winter, and spring. The above-ground parts of the daffodils wither in summer, and the underground bulbs are dormant, but the flower bud differentiation process takes place inside. Hi fertile, loose, well-drained, slightly acidic to slightly alkaline sandy loam rich in humus. The winter-tolerance -14.7C low temperature, summer 37 °C high temperature bulbs can sleep well in summer. Trumpet narcissus bulb oval. Made of most fleshy flake, the outer membrane is dry, yellow-brown or brown. The root is slender and white. It usually does not branch and does not regenerate after breaking. Leaf-shaped flat, leaf covered with white powder. Flowers solitary, yellow or light yellow, slightly scented, flower diameter about lOcm. The sub-crown is trumpet-shaped, yellow, irregularly toothed and wrinkled. Flowering March-April. In 1950, the Royal Horticultural Society of Britain classified the narcissus narcissus as follows: 1 Trum-pet; 2 Large-cupped; 3 Small-cupped; 4 Heavy. Daffodil variety group (Double). Sowing and breeding are carried out at the end of May and germinating at the beginning of March of the following year. Seedlings will bloom 4 to 5 years and they will be used for the cultivation of new varieties. The ball breeding will be carried out in October and will be unearthed from late February to early March. Cutting bulbs are propagated from late August to early October. It can also be propagated by tissue culture. Bulbs harvested with O. Disinfect the 1% carbendazim or thiophanate-methyl solution for 30 minutes, remove and dry. Ventilated and dried at 35 °C, then stored in the greenhouse, flower bud formation in September. Narcissus daffodil is beautiful in appearance, flower color is elegant. Green leaves, gestures chic. It is commonly used in flower beds, flower paths, rock gardens, and turfgrass, as well as potted plants.

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