How to cure yellow cucumber melon

Symptoms cucumber melons turn yellow, but no spots on melon strips.

Analysing the bad development of cucumber roots in summer is the main reason for melon yellowing. Root dysplasia can affect the growth and development of the whole plant, so that the cucumber can not get enough nutrition, and then the melon strips yellow.

Prevention of changes in planting methods: Many vegetable farmers are often planted and watered after planting. The disadvantage of this approach is that the surface water and fertilizer are sufficient, and the root system develops laterally in the shallow surface, but it is disadvantageous to the vertical development of the root system. If water is poured before planting, the root system can be induced to develop in depth. Watering at the same time can also reduce the ground temperature, which is more conducive to root growth and seedling easing. Protecting the leaves and promoting rooting: The nutrients needed for the root system are mostly provided by the middle and lower leaves. Therefore, it is not appropriate to remove the lower leaves prematurely, and the diseases of the leaves must be strictly controlled. Rational fertilization, rooting and cultivating roots: Applying basal fertilizer in shallow layers and deep-growing biological fertilizers at the planting site can help improve the soil, prevent diseases, promote new roots, and promote the root system to develop into thick roots in depth. . After the vegetable enters the result period, the vegetative growth and the reproductive growth are synchronized. When the fertilizing material is used to ensure that the root system is not damaged, it is necessary to take into consideration the attack of the tree and also to pay attention to the attack. Therefore, it is not appropriate to apply excessive nitrogen fertilizer, and appropriate amount of high-quality compound should be used. fat. In addition, if the temperature is too high, the amount of chemical fertilizers should be reduced, and biological fertilizers should be added to ensure the normal growth of the root system.

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