Cut flower plum variety selection

There are more than 300 species of plum blossom in China, suitable for cutting a lot of flowers, generally should have the following characteristics:

Strong growth potential, special resistance to plastic surgery, pruning, strong sprouting. Sapling flowering early, flower bud formation is particularly easy, short, medium, long and even long branches are flowers.

Strong resistance, little affected by the environment, climate, annual flowers blossoming. The flowers are closely planted, the festivals are short and each section has more double flowers. Excellent quality, rhyme, posture, color, incense is superb, single-heavy. In addition, in order to extend the supply time of squid, cut flower garden plum to match early, middle and late varieties, but also pay attention to color adjustment, according to the Chinese people's spending habits, safflower varieties can be more.

As far as the Wuhan area is concerned, there are many types of early flowers such as "Cold, Red," "Pink Cinnabar," "Snow Plum," "Single, Green," "Medan, Green," "Single, Zhusha," etc.; The Chinese flower varieties include "Jin Xin", "Changing Green Tea", "Planting Branch", "Pink", "White Mustard Cinnamon", "Late Bowl Powder" and "Small Palace Powder". Palace powder, "Huqiu late powder," "red cinnabar," "Red Chidose," "Kiji thousand birds."

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