The first three things about vegetable planting in winter and spring

One, turning the ground in situ to plant a hole, which is very easy to do, but it is not conducive to the growth of vegetables. Because in the process of the management of the former quail vegetable, watering, pruning and other agricultural operations make the soil compact and air permeability is poor. If the planting of the winter chun wolfberry vegetable does not turn to the ground, it is not conducive to the extension of the vegetable root system, the rooting is slow, the rooting is less, and it is easy to appear Roots and other issues. Second, the line-break Some greenhouses grow vegetables for many years, planting has not changed. This way, vegetables are planted in one place all year round, and there are many drawbacks. Third, the smoked shed Although the Shangyu vegetables were pulled out of the garden and the vegetables were pulled out of the shed, there may still be a large number of pathogenic spores, eggs, etc. in the shed. Take the mealworms, after the vegetables are pulled, no host can infringe on them and they will be hidden in wall joints and columns. If it is not treated, after the winter and spring vegetables are planted, once the conditions are right, they will break out and endanger the growth of the vegetables. Therefore, before the planting of vegetables in winter and spring, it must be done well. It is recommended that vegetable growers choose the high-temperature daylight shed after the site preparation. Pay attention to the inspection of the vent before the smoked shed, and block the area where the air is leaking. Insecticides generally choose 20% of Proveil smoke agent, fungicides can choose 12.5% ​​chlorothalonil methyl methacrylate smoke agent. Because it is empty, the concentration can be slightly higher, generally about 10 burning points per acre. Place it evenly and light it in turn.

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