Comparison and difference between ultrafine powder dryer and rotary flash dryer

Both ultra-fine powder dryers and rotary flash dryers are drying equipment. We compare and distinguish the two, so that the majority of users can choose the drying equipment suitable for their own enterprises.

Ultrafine powder dryer is developed on the basis of rotary flash dryer. It is a multi-functional dryer integrating drying, crushing and grading. It is specially used for ultra-fine and nano-scale materials with strict requirements. dry.

Rotary flash dryer is a drying method of solid fluidization. The drying host has mechanical dispersion and dry material particle size adjustment function, and high moisture paste. After the filter cake material enters the dryer, it is mixed with hot air. The material forms a granular fluidization under the action of hot air and mechanical dispersing force, and the heat and mass exchange is completed instantaneously. The dried material enters the collector to obtain the powdery product.

The difference between ultra-fine powder dryer and flash dryer 1. The difference in structure (1) The ultra-fine powder dryer stir-driving device has a speed of several thousand revolutions, while the flashing machine has only a few hundred turns, so the ultra-fine powder dryer It has an unparalleled crushing capacity with a rotary flash dryer.

(2) The direction of the air entering the flash dryer is tangential air inlet, and the rotating wind speed in the drying section is determined by the air inlet speed, which is always an undefined value, and the ultra-fine powder dryer rotating wind speed is a high-speed rotating grinding disc. The rotating wind speed of the power is not affected by the system, thus ensuring reliable production and stable product quality.

(3) The feeding device of the ultra-fine powder dryer is a unique double-helical structure with smooth feeding: the continuously variable transmission is new and ensures the reliability of working at very low speed. The feeding device on the flasher is different from this unit.

(4) The classification device of the ultrafine powder dryer is a rotating device with adjustable speed, and the classification device of the flashing machine is actually only a classification ring. Although the rotary flash dryer is also improved, the classification ability is not as good. Ultrafine powder dryer.

2, the difference in performance (1) ultra-fine powder dryer control of dry material moisture content and fineness is better than flash machine. The fineness of the materials of the flash dryer can only reach a certain extent and cannot be further controlled.

(2) Since the pulverizing function of the ultrafine powder dryer is much better than that of the flashing machine, the output is larger than that of the flashing machine, and the product granularity is finer.

(3) The thermal efficiency of ultra-fine powder dryer drying is obviously higher than that of flashing machine, so energy saving is obvious.

3. Comparison of drying effect The advantages of using ultrafine powder dryer are:

(1) Small size and small footprint: small supporting equipment (such as fans, dust collectors, etc.).

(2) Power consumption is small, energy saving: 1000Kcal is required for every kilogram of water evaporated on the ultrafine powder dryer, and 1500Kcal is required for each kilogram of water evaporated on the flash dryer.

(3) The output is large and the product is fine.

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