New method for dairy cows

According to the milk feeding method, cows in the late stage of lactation should be fed with silage and roughage each day to meet their normal needs, and 1 kg of mixed concentrate should be fed to the cows for every 3 kg of milk produced. "By milk feeding" can avoid some cattle farmers from blindly increasing the amount of concentrated feed for the pursuit of high yield. The pre-feeding method starts from 15 days to 20 days after the cows give birth. In addition to feeding the cows with a sufficient quantity of roughage, on the basis of “feeding by milk,” feed 1 kg to 1.5 kg of mixed concentrates every day. As an “advanced” feed to increase milk production of dairy cows, during the whole lactation period, the amount of concentrate feed will increase as the milk production of dairy cows increases until the milk production no longer increases. The pre-feeding method is suitable for cows that are in the early stages of lactation and lactation. Guided feeding method is based on the normal feeding amount of dairy cows during the dry period. From the first two weeks before the delivery of the dairy cows, the daily mixed diet of 0.45 kg is added. By the time of delivery, the amount of concentrate feed can reach 0.5% of its weight. 1%. After the delivery, if the cow's physique is normal, 0.45 kilograms of the mixed concentrate can be added on a daily basis before feeding, until the cow's milk production no longer increases. In addition to the addition of concentrate feed, the amount of roughage should also be increased so that the amount of roughage fed is not less than 0.5% of its body weight. When using this method to raise cows, it is necessary to guide the training of cows to feed concentrate feed before the cows are delivered, so as to prepare for a large number of feeds after delivery. Feeding cows with high-energy, high-protein concentrates for a certain period of time after delivery can effectively reduce energy consumption by the cows and maximize the lactating potential of the cows. This feeding method is suitable for feeding high-yield dairy cows from the first two weeks before farrowing to the end of the lactation peak.

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