Selecting Potassium Fertilizers to "Four Looks"

Sodium sulphate should be used for soils with poor soil conditions. Potassium sulphate should also be used for saline soils. Potassium chloride should not be used to avoid increasing the content of chloride ions in the soil.

Look at the types of crops Chlorine-sensitive crops, such as tobacco, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, tea trees, oranges, etc. should be selected potassium sulfate. For sulfur-loving crops such as onions and garlic, potassium sulfate should also be used.

Look at fertilizer prices. Potassium sulphate is more expensive than potassium chloride. Therefore, except for special reasons and requirements, potassium chloride should be used as much as possible.

In areas where irrigation conditions are irrigated or rainy, potassium chloride may be used for most crops as long as the soil is well drained. This will not adversely affect yield and variety.

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