China's medicine and health products steadily marched into the African market

Business Club May 17th China's pharmaceutical and healthcare products companies are steadily marching into the African market. According to the news from the 107th Canton Fair, Africa has become one of the most promising emerging markets for China's pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

At the relevant forum held at the Canton Fair, the Vice Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Chinese Medicines and Health Products talked about Sheng Shengcai. Africa is an important market with great development potential for Chinese medicine and health care products. In 2009, under the influence of the financial crisis, African medicine The health product market still grows by nearly 6% overall, "and Chinese companies and products also occupy a place."

Talking about Shengcai, the Sino-African pharmaceutical trade continued to develop rapidly. In 2001, the total volume of imports and exports of medical insurance products in Central Africa was 190 million U.S. dollars, and in 2009, it had reached 1.14 billion U.S. dollars. South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria are the top three markets for Chinese exports to Africa.

"Private enterprises are the main non-exporters." According to Tan Shengcai, in 2009, for non-exports, private enterprises accounted for 49.63% of exports, state-owned enterprises accounted for 28.51%, and foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 21.78%.

At present, the Chinese commercial sector is pushing Chinese medicine and health care products companies to better enter Africa. "This is not a demand on the one hand, but a common requirement on both sides. African countries are very familiar with 'Made in China'." Tan Sheng said.

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