Fertilizer Business Trends in 2011

Fertilizer Business Trends in 2011

After the autumn harvest, it is the preparation period for spring ploughing. Most fertilizer dealers start selecting manufacturers and picking brands. As we all know, the sustainable development of agriculture relates to the livelihood of the people. The key is the sustainable use of farmland. In recent years, the amount of chemical fertilizers has gradually increased. The food safety, environmental pollution, and loss of nutrients from fertilizers have also become increasingly serious problems. The development of ecological fertilizers is the trend of the times.

Based on the principle of plant nutrition physiology and rhizosphere soil microecology, the golden treasure collection of microbial fertilizers was developed by the Academy of Military Affairs and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. independently invested in development planning and organized the fifth generation of national marketing. High-tech products. The correct application of this product can increase the yield of economic crops by 30%, increase the yield of field crops by 10%, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, stimulate production costs, improve soil structure, eliminate soil compaction, improve crop quality, increase commodity rates, and ultimately significantly increase economic efficiency. Green food ideal production material.

Half of the grain gains from successive years of production have come from fertilizers. Fertilizers contribute a great deal to the increase in grain production, and the negative impact is not small. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new ecological fertilizers. In addition, the utilization rate of fertilizers in China is very low, and the loss caused by nutrient losses exceeds 50 billion yuan each year. In addition, phosphate rock is a scarce resource in the world. According to the current mining volume, domestic high-grade phosphate rock resources will be depleted in 10 years. In addition, China's potash resources are poor, accounting for only 2.5% of the world's total. According to the current development, the consequences are terrible. Therefore, it is imperative to produce and use new ecological fertilizers.

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