Spreading fish to prevent fish diseases

1, said (amount) after taking the drug in a non-metallic container for the first-level dissolution, to be completely opened after the dilution (secondary dissolution) to a corresponding multiple and then Quanchiposa.

2, adhere to the first feeding, after spraying the drug application procedures.

3, thunderstorms, low pressure and pool fish floating head or floating head just can not be spilled.

4, from the wind down the wind blowing medicine, fish ponds and corners should be spilled to the; deep water area more sprinkle, shallow water area less sprinkle.

5, acidic drugs 9-10 hours of application, basic drugs 3-4 pm sprinkler; light sensitive drugs should be carried out in the evening, nocturnal animals should be used in the evening or night; early spring, late autumn can be at noon Spray before and after.

6. For fish ponds with small water depth and small area, the liquid should be diluted by double, and the medicine should be slowly sprayed when the medicine is applied, so that the liquid medicine can spread in time. If the speed of spraying the medicine is too fast, it will result in over-concentration of liquid medicine in the pool. As a result, acute poisoning occurs in the upper fish.

7. The remaining drug residue should not be dumped at will, and it is even more important not to splash the residue into the fish pond.

8, after the fish pond splashes the medicine, should divide the 1-2 days to be able to move the net to catch and promotes to release the seedling.

9. Within 24 hours after splashing the drug in Quanchi, watch closely the activities of pool fish and record the efficacy within 6 days; pay attention to the change of pool water within 36 hours.

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