New Agent for Controlling Potato Late Blight - Ferguson Technology

Ferguson is a newly developed broad-spectrum, high-efficiency bactericide from Swiss Syngenta. Finex is a chlorothalonil + mefenoxam compound with a 44% suspension. Feige is different from other fungicides, especially for the prevention and control of potato late blight. It has good internal absorption, protection and treatment dual effects, and potato and environmental safety.

Role of the role of Fine Metalaxyl is the effective body in the metalaxyl, there is a strong systemic absorption, the addition of chlorothalonil more effective delay the emergence of resistance, expand the antibacterial spectrum. Feige has dual activities of protection and treatment. It does not contain manganese ions and zinc ions. It is safer than mancozeb and its mixed formulations. Mancozeb and its mixed formulations are not reusable and manganese and zinc are inhibited. The absorption of iron by plants leads to iron deficiency. It is not easy to produce phytotoxicity and does not affect fruit coloration; Suspension dosage forms are safer for the environment and crops; Ferguson can produce pollution-free, green foods in most countries and High value vegetable and fruit export base.

Finer, suspension agent type, fineness of 1 micron, more easily through the plant pores, strong suction, better than cymoxan, dimethomorph, propionamide, Cyazofamidazole, copper oxazole, imidazole copper.

Feige's comprehensive prevention and treatment of potato late blight is significantly better than Phytophorine (diethylphosphorus), enoylmarin, imidoxone, cymoxazole, oxazole, copper, mancozeb, metalaxyl, Fine honey cream and other fungicides. It is a new generation of new generation products of mancozeb, metalaxyl and mesylate. The long-term control of disease is generally valid for 10 days.

Bactericidal spectrum: Downy mildew, late blight and fruit rot caused by downy mildews that specifically control airborne diseases, such as downy mildew, downy mildew, downy mildew, downy mildew, potato and tomato Diseases. Pythium spp. belonging to soil-borne diseases, Downy mildew, and Phytophthora spp. are susceptible to damping-off, root rot and other diseases such as Phytophthora capsici.

Application period

(1) Sterilization of Seed Potatoes Soaking seeds after cutting the seed potatoes.

(2) Ditch application is performed before sowing after sowing.

(3) Stem and leaf spray The first spraying was performed 15 days after the emergence of the bell, and then sprayed once every 10 days. Spray after sealing or early onset.

The amount of seed used to disinfect soaked seeds was 44% Ferguson 800 times, 100 liters (kg) water plus 44% Ferguson 125 ml. Ditch application of 44% Ferguson 150 ml/ha. Post-emergence stem and leaf spray to prevent late blight, etc. with 44% Ferguson 750-1000 ml / ha (50-67 ml per mu), or 800 times the liquid, the early onset with 44% Ferguson 1050-1200 ml / ha (each acre 70-80 ml), or 600 times the liquid, late blight commonly occurs when 4% Ferguson 1203-1350 ml / ha (80-90 ml per acre), or 500 times liquid. Feige can be used in combination with Bi-Yuan and Bishengsu to increase the prevention and control of potato late blight and increase starch content and yield.


(1) Disinfection of potatoes: Cut seed potatoes should be put in plastic capsules for 2 to 3 minutes, then drained and put in another Ferdin liquid for 2-3 minutes. Remove and drain.

(2) Put the seed potatoes in the seeding ditch, spray the seeding ditch with Feige before covering the soil, and spray the wet potato pieces. The sprayer sprayer can twist the angle of the fan-shaped nozzle to narrow the spray, about 10 centimeters. Quasi-potato spray. The artificial spray can reduce the height of the spray head, narrow the spray amplitude, and align the spray of potato chips.

(3) Special warning: It is better to increase the dosage than to improve the application techniques. Ferguson is a systemic fungicide and requires uniform spraying. The inspection standard is 30-40 droplets per square centimeter (the size of the nail cover). The key technology is to reduce the amount of water spray, reduce the amount of drugs, and add vegetable oil spray additives (drug laugh, etc.).

Post-emergence spray application. The sprayer sprayer uses an imported 80015 fan-shaped nozzle with a spray volume of 100 l/ha or less. The spray volume of the aircraft is 15-50 liters/ha, which is equivalent to the high spray volume of foliar fertilizers. The best choice of artificial spray backpack motorized mister, spray volume 5-8 liters / acre. The manual backpack sprayer is best equipped with a Shandong Guardian brand manual sprayer, with a spray pressure of 2-3 atmospheres and a spray volume of 7-10 litres/mu. If you do not have a standard sprayer, be sure to use a fine-aperture atomization tablet. Use 30 litres of water per acre. Use a dilution multiple method to achieve good atomization and even spraying.

Appropriate application conditions are temperature 13-27 degrees, air relative humidity more than 65%, wind speed 4m/s or less, sunny days best before 8am, after 6pm, when you notice that there is dew condition Medication.

When the spray is applied by artificial spray, the spray volume is 0.5%, the aircraft is added with 1% vegetable oil spray adjuvant such as Yaoxiaobao to obtain a stable effect, stable efficacy under high temperature and drought conditions, and can reduce 20-30%. The amount of medication.

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