How to Prevent Hollow and Malformation in Autumn Watermelon Cultivation

At present, some early-maturing watermelons have produced serious hollows and deformities, causing the vast majority of melon farmers to suffer heavy losses and fears. However, higher watermelon prices and huge market demand have made them unable to stop. At the moment, in the season of watermelon planting in autumn, how to adopt reasonable cultivation measures to prevent the hollow and malformation of watermelon and achieve the purpose of bumper harvest is a matter of concern to melon farmers.

To prevent hollow and deformed watermelon, we must first understand the reasons for hollow and malformed watermelon. To sum up, there are the following points: 1 The lack of nutrition due to weak photosynthesis during the period of sitting down. This is the main reason for the hollow and malformation of watermelons, especially early-maturing watermelons, in early spring in our province. 2 The lack of water and fertilizer during fruit enlargement. This year's expansion of watermelons in the middle of June was also one of the causes of hollowness and deformity. 3 Low- and high-section sitting melons are easy to produce deformity and hollow. 4 Variety characteristics and cultivation season. Under normal circumstances, watermelons with smaller fruit-shaped watermelons tend to produce hollow and malformed shapes. Elliptic-shaped watermelons are more prone to malformation than round-shaped melons. Sandy melons are easier to produce hollows than crisp melons. 5 Improper cultivation. Premature cultivation is easy to encounter with low temperature and sunshine, too late cultivation will easily meet the high temperature and drought, and the possibility of hollowness and deformity is greatly increased.

Understand the reasons for producing hollow and deformed watermelon, in the autumn watermelon can be targeted to take effective measures, and some to prevent the loss, the following points for reference:

1, choose a good cultivation site. The conditions for growing watermelon in autumn and winter are generally met with the requirements of growth and development of watermelon. The main constraint factors are water supply, because the phenomenon of high temperature and drought in Hunan in July-September is more prominent. Planting autumn watermelon should select paddy fields with irrigation conditions. Hilly land without irrigation conditions is generally not suitable for cultivation of autumn watermelons. This kind of land planting autumn watermelon can easily cause poor plant growth. Watermelon grows small, easily hollow and deformed.

2, to ensure water and fertilizer supply. During the growth period of watermelons, the supply of fertilizer and water must be guaranteed, especially during the expansion period. Water supply is the key to this period. Once water is lacking, watermelons are easily hollow and deformed.

3, choose a good variety. In the autumn, due to the potential danger of high temperature and drought, the cultivated watermelons in the autumn generally use medium and small fruit watermelons. The possibility of deformity and hollowness of large fruit watermelons is greater than that of small fruit watermelons, and watermelons with a weight of 1-3 kilograms are generally used. . In open field cultivation, it is possible to consider the use of flower fairy, jadeite, flower beauty, yellow beauty, black beauty, new jinlan, early spring topaz and other varieties that are not easily broken. In addition to the above varieties, the greenhouse can be used to select early spring red jade, red small jade, Huang Xiaoyu, Xiu Ling, and other varieties of orange orchids, but these varieties, such as open cultivation, there is the risk of cracking melon.

4, choose seats melon section. Under normal circumstances, autumn watermelon is easier to set fruit, it is recommended to select the 12-25 node section to sit, in order to increase production, reduce deformity, hollow phenomenon.

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