What are the characteristics of capsules?

First, the meaning and classification of capsules

Capsule refers to a medicament prepared by placing a drug in an empty capsule. Capsules are divided into hard capsules, soft capsules (capsules) and enteric capsules. Mainly for oral use, but also for other parts, such as aerosol capsules, rectal capsules or vaginal capsules.

Second, the characteristics of capsules

1. The appearance is smooth, beautiful, and can cover the bad smell of the drug, and is easy to take;

2. Compared with tablets and pills, it disintegrates rapidly in the gastrointestinal tract, and absorbs and appears to be effective;

3. The drug is contained in a capsule, isolated from light, air and moisture, and the stability is increased;

4. It can be made into preparations with different release rates and release modes.

The disadvantages of capsules are that the aqueous solution of the drug, the dilute ethanol solution and the medical education|net collection and the irritating, easy-to-soluble, easy-to-weather, and deliquescent drugs are not suitable for capsule preparation.

Introduction to capsule filling machine :
     The capsule filling machine has a faster filling speed and a small difference in size . The machine combines the filling of the capsule shell, the capsule cap finishing, and the capsule set, which is compact and convenient. It is suitable for small and medium-sized batch production of small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories, hospitals and clinics. For example, 2-3 sets are used at the same time, and it is suitable for mass production.

Capsule filling machine technical parameters:
◆ Applicable capsules:              0#--4#
◆ Production     the amount:             1-1.5 million tablets / h
◆ Work     rate:             220V/300W
◆ Outer size:             1000 × 500 × 950mm
◆ heavy     the amount:             100 kg

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Honghui capsule produces gelatin hollow capsule in large scale with well-equipped facilities.

The gelatin hollow capsule is a shell with special color and shape, made of the main raw material of gelatin. It is always used as special packaging of medicines or health care products which have bad smell, light sensitive of unstable,.

The capsules do not need adhesives and numerous excipients during the production process, easy to disintegrate and release in gastric juice.

The capsule can improve the bioavailability compared with tablet and pill. Meanwhile, it has some other avantages such as accurate dosage, convenient carrying and safe sealing.

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