Chinese herbal fertilizer technology

Due to the prominent laws and characteristics of Chinese herbal medicines, there are few studies on their fertilization techniques. There are currently two tendencies in Chinese herbal medicine fertilization. One is that wild Chinese herbs do not need to be fertilized, and fertilizer cannot be used in particular. Organic Fertilizer. The second is the method of fertilizing the field crops, stimulating the production of large fields and large fertilizers without scientifically fertilizing the characteristics of Chinese herbs. Both of these conditions are unfavorable for the production of medicinal herbs and the improvement of medicinal efficacy. Surveys in parts of Hebei and Henan indicate that the local management of Chinese herbal medicine fertilization is mainly based on organic manure and fertilization by experience, and advanced techniques such as soil testing and fertilization and medical plant nutrient diagnosis cannot be applied to fertilization decisions. Generally in the fertilization method, the top dressing is not top dressing. Most of the base fertilizer is used in the fall, and a small part is used in the spring. The base fertilizer is organic fertilizer, and the top-dressing organic fertilizer is decomposed, such as cake fertilizer (bean cake, sesame cake) and human waste.

Expert analysis: The goal of fertilization of Chinese herbal medicine is not only to consider how to increase the yield of medicinal materials, but also to focus on improving the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine. As for how to apply the principle of balanced fertilization to the fertilization of Chinese herbal medicine, we must first see that there are many kinds of Chinese herbal medicines. For Chinese herbal medicines with different medicinal organs, in order to obtain a higher amount of herbs and sufficient efficacy, it must be directed to medicinal purposes. Organ characteristics differ in fertilization.

Chinese herbal medicine should be applied with appropriate amounts of chemical fertilizers on the basis of organic fertilizers. The combination of the two can help increase the overall output and efficacy. In recent years, some studies have shown that the use of organic fertilizer alone is not entirely suitable for various medicinal plants, such as human urine used in ginseng and American ginseng is easy to inhibit the development of fibrous roots; the effect of all organic fertilizer applied to the jaundice is not as good as the application of special compound fertilizer The effect is good.

The principle of application of chemical fertilizers based on the application of organic fertilizers is: prudent application of chemical nitrogen fertilizers, emphasis on the application of chemical phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, and skillful application of trace element fertilizers. For example, Chinese herbal medicine plants with flowers and fruits as medicinal organs should pay attention to the combination of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers; Chinese herbal medicine plants with roots and bulbs as medicinal organs should pay special attention to the application of potash fertilizer. For the fertilization of various Chinese herbal medicines, the use of chemical nitrogen fertilizer should be particularly cautious. Excessive nitrogen application may lead to reduced potency or lengthy and rotten roots. Since Chinese herbal medicine plants need to obtain appropriate amount of medicinal materials as well as higher efficacy, studies based on modern medicinal chemistry show that most of the active ingredients that act as drugs are some secondary metabolites in the body. The effect, in the fertilization supply not only to ensure that a large number of elements also need the participation of trace elements. However, a very small amount of trace element fertilizer (generally between 0.2 and 2 kg per acre, depending on the different elements) can only be applied uniformly when mixed with a large amount of organic fertilizer. When the trace element fertilizer is sprayed directly, it is necessary to grasp the appropriate concentration and use frequency of the fertilizer solution. This will have the desired effect.

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