Litter recovery and fermentation of green manure

Deciduous trees can serve as organic nutrients needed to protect vegetation and rot. They can also be used as organic nutrients for plant growth. Removing them as garbage is a waste and an increase in the workload of sanitation work; landfilling is simple but accounts for The land area is large, and secondary pollution may occur; the investment in incineration is huge, and the problem of smoke pollution caused by incineration is obviously not the best policy. Is there a better way to make these dead leaves turn waste into treasure, without affecting the appearance of the city and not becoming rubbish? Now there is a new way to make people this seemingly simple, but full of technical desire to achieve: a large number of trees and vegetation in the city need to increase "nutrition", and leaves are actually their best source of nutrients.
Jinbao biological fermentation agent (Ginba organic material decomposing agent) is the use of biological agents to litter, livestock manure, urban and rural living organic waste and other waste, through biological fermentation agents quickly become efficient bio-organic fertilizer. Fermenting one ton of finished organic fertilizer, using Gembio Fermenting Agent, it takes only 4-7 days to turn all the waste into a green, pollution-free ecological organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer produced is far superior to other unfermented fertilizers because in the process of processing the materials, the microorganisms multiply, and the microorganisms produce a large number of special metabolic substances such as antibiotics and hormones during the breeding process. The antibiotics can significantly inhibit the soil. The transmission of pathogenic bacteria increases the resistance to diseases of plants; hormones stimulate the rapid growth and development of crops. This decomposed organic fertilizer contains not only a large number of elements required by plants, but also contains the required trace elements, non-toxic and pollution-free. Do not burn roots, do not burn seedlings, prevent soil compaction, fertility and fertility, and production is simple, low cost. In the residential quarters, commercial communities, parks, and lawns, it can be produced in the open air all year round, reducing manpower transportation, on-site production, and local use, saving time. It has greatly saved the workload of sanitation workers and got a good organic fertilizer for the lawn and green trees.

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