Three Disease Prevention Techniques of Chinese Cabbage

There are three major diseases of cabbage: viral disease, downy mildew, and soft rot.

Viral disease is also known as cramps. The incidence of seedling stage is dominant, and the adult stage can also be affected. The symptoms are manifested in the transparent veins of the heart and the chlorosis of the veins, resulting in pale green and dark green leaves. The diseased leaves shrink, the heart leaves twist, and the growth is slow. The diseased seedlings died early. In the adult stage, the leaves showed wrinkled mosaic leaves, brown stripes or dark brown necrotic spots on the main veins on the back of leaves. When the disease is heavy, the growth stops. The plants are obviously dwarfed and malformed. They cannot pack or loosen their hearts, and the leaves shrink into groups, commonly known as cramps.

Prevention and control measures: In the early stage of disease, 8% spores were used to spray 250 times liquid spray or virus A, virus K500 times spray, sprayed three times in intervals of 6-7 days.

Downy mildew is commonly known as "frost leaf." Occurred mainly in the leaves, first to produce watery green small lesions, and gradually expanded into yellow-green irregular lesions, white moldy back surface. In case of dry weather, the spots are dry and dark brown. In severe cases, the lesions are enlarged and the outer leaves are all dead. If the temperature is lower during the period of the rosette, the weather is more severe and the disease is serious.

Control measures: 72% Kelu 800 times, 52.5% fast and net 2000 times liquid alternately, spray 3 times at intervals of 5-6 days.

Soft rot, commonly known as "rotten vegetables," is a cabbage disease, and the pathogens invade and destroy short-stemmed stalks from the wounds, causing rotting of root stalks. The wilting of the leaves caused the whole plant to die.

Prevention and control measures: Chemicals prevention and promotion Use 77% to kill 800 times or 72% of agricultural streptomycin 3000 times spray.

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