Rose Honey Grapevine Field Management Technology

I. Field Management Measures for June-August:
1) Ditch drainage. From June to August, the grapes are nearly mature or mature, and in the rainy season, it is imperative to do a clean ditch drainage work to reduce the groundwater level to less than 70 cm. In order to avoid being harmed, it will cause cracking of fruit, premature aging of leaves, disease outbreaks, delayed maturation, and reduced quality.
2) Wipe off the tip and go to the base leaves. In the early stage of coloration, 1-5 branches of the resulting base were removed, and new shoots were removed at any time to reduce the ineffective consumption of nutrients, increase the ventilation and transparency, and ensure that the transmittance was 30%-35%. This will reduce the incidence of diseases and create good external conditions for the coloring and early maturing of grapes.
3) Spray foliar fertilizer. During the coloring period, there is a large demand for phosphorus and potassium, especially potassium. In the absence of leaves, the leaf margin was red, the fruit color was poor, and the sugar content decreased. It is recommended to spray 2 to 3 times of potassium dihydrogen phosphate 300 times solution and apply Yi Nong 1000 times solution.
4) Prevention and pest control. The main diseases in this period include anthrax, gray mold, brown spot, and downy mildew, etc., which can be used as Fuxing 7500 times liquid, as well as 1300 times as high as the world's level, 2000 grams as the hundred grams, 800 times as the metalaxyl-manganese zinc as 800 times solution. According to the disease, alternating medication 2 to 3 times. Insect pests mainly include grape leaf beetles and caterpillars. They can be used to kill 1500-times liquid or 800-fold dichlorvos and spray control 1 or 2 times.
5) Stop using any pesticide 20 days before harvesting.
6) Picking grapes. Harvesting must strictly follow grape picking standards. That is, the sugar content is above 15 degrees, the fruit is black, and the appearance is healthy and smooth. The fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit, green fruit and red fruit are cut off, and the mixing and mixing of grades are prohibited.
II. Field Management Measures for August-December:
After entering August, the grape harvesting has been completed, the tree has entered the restoration of tree vigor, and the shoots are hardened on the wood. The accumulation of nutrients from the leaves gradually returns to the branches and roots. This period should do the following work:
1) Control pests and diseases. Diseases in this period mainly include leaf diseases such as brown spot, round spot, and downy mildew. Select 50% tuzet 500-600 times, 58% metalaxyl 500mg/100-fold solution of manganese zinc, and 1:05:180 Bordeaux mixture, alternately used 1 or 2 times. Insect pests mainly include grape leaf beetle, yellow-shouldered melon, passer-wing moth, and celestial power caterpillar, etc., and can be sprayed and controlled 1 to 2 times by any one of the insecticides such as the first 1000-fold solution and the phoxim 800-1000 solution.
2) Apply foliar fertilizer. Combine disease prevention and pest control and timely apply fertilizer to the foliage. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate 250 times with 200 times urea solution, or Fervent Green 2 fertilizer, spray twice.
3) Deeply turning over the orchard. In mid-August, the depth of the orchard was 15-25 cm deep, and green manure such as rapeseeds, peas, broad beans, etc. was timely sowed.
4) Strengthen tree management. Timely cut off the excess shoots of autumn hair to reduce the consumption of nutrients.
5) Apply autumn fertilizer (basal fertilizer) in due course. In mid-November, according to the soil moisture and the fertility of the vineyard, the autumn fertilizer was applied in due course. Divide a fertilization pond that is 35-45 cm deep, 40-50 cm wide and 80-100 cm long. Each mu of high-quality farmyard fertilizer 2.5-3.5 tons, 50 kg of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, 3 kg of zinc fertilizer, or 3-4 tons of green fertilizer, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer 50 kg, 3 kg of zinc fertilizer, mixed with the topsoil.

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