Green pepper quick freezing processing method

Processing quick-frozen green pepper can maintain its color, flavor and nutrient composition, can be stored for a long time, and it is convenient to eat.

First, the choice of raw materials: choose a suitable maturity, fresh tissue, flesh hypertrophy, consistent fruit shape, uniform size, no decay, insects, lesions, fresh green pepper as a quick-frozen raw material.

Second, cut, soak: Pour green pepper into clear water to wash sediment and other impurities, and remove the handle pedicle and pod seeds. Then, it is slit into filaments, the width of which is the same as that of flesh, rinsed with fresh water, and immediately dried into 0.1% saline after draining to prevent discoloration.

Third, blanching, cooling: The soaked green pepper silk was placed in a 0.3% sodium bisulfite solution at 100°C and blanched for 1 to 3 minutes before being swept out and cooled in flowing water. Let it work after it has cooled, drain the surface moisture.

Fourth, quick-freezing, cold storage: The green pepper silk flat on the frozen plate, quickly frozen in a fast freezing machine, frozen below -35 °C 6 ~ 7 minutes, when the product center temperature reached -15 °C, you can weigh , classification, packaging (general specifications of 20 bags per 500 grams, net weight 10 kg). After being placed in a cold store, the refrigerated temperature cannot exceed -18°C.

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