The quail egg is an oviparous animal and is usually mated in fine weather from March to June. It grows and matures in the early spring and early spring. It lays eggs from mid-June, and is spawned during the upper and middle months of June and July. And continue until early August. Premature mother, body tummy, abdomen close to the ground, slow movement. For mothers who have signs of spawning, they should cover one by one with a bottomless canister with a diameter of about 10 cm 3 to 4 days before. The mouth of the canopy is covered with a fiberboard or glass, which effectively uses the cultured area to avoid mutual interference and phasing. Food is conducive to smooth spawning in a quiet environment. It is also convenient for the larvae and the mother quail to be fed separately.

Generally, each mother lays 20 to 60 eggs, and the smooth egg production process takes about 2 to 3 hours. Eggs stick to each other, such as peanuts size, oval. The maternal maternity monitoring period lasts for about 43 days. During this period, if disturbed or other external stimuli occur, it will be prone to irritability and will swallow all the eggs that are being hatched, causing the hatching to fail. Therefore, the environment of the hatchery should be kept absolutely quiet. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the feed must be stopped several days before spawning, especially during the 40 to 50 days of hatching, otherwise the feed should be strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the eggs will be contaminated with eggs or embryos. Or eat together the embryos. The hatching process of egg groups is slow. After 15 to 16 days, the eggs form a kidney shape, and the middle begins to crack. This stage is the first time the skin is molted; the second time after 20 days, the skin becomes crescent-shaped and takes on the form of larvae; 35 to 40 days The larva enters the third molting and can crawl up and down in the mother's arms; after another 5 to 7 days, the chitin of the larvae gradually thickens, and the body color turns yellowish brown, and lives under the protection of the mother. After one month You can leave your mother’s independent life and feed yourself.

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