What is the relationship between chicken and chicken?

Nowadays, more and more seasonings are on the market, and there are also many chicken brands. Many people are biased towards monosodium glutamate and have a special liking for chicken. We can only say that the name “chicken essence” has been very successful. It is matched with large hens that are packaged and painted to give people the impression that chicken is extracted from chicken. The essence.

MSG is glutamine

A sodium salt of acid, a substance with an umami taste. The scientific name is sodium glutamate, also known as monosodium glutamate. In addition also contains a small amount of salt, water, fat, sugar, iron, phosphorus and other substances. Monosodium glutamate is a powdery or crystalline condiment produced by the hydrolyzation process of raw materials of umami seasonings, raw materials containing more protein such as wheat and soybeans, or processed by fermentation using starch as a raw material. Monosodium glutamate is easily soluble in water and has hygroscopicity. The taste is extremely delicious. It is also soluble in 3,000 times water and still has an umami taste. The best dissolution temperature is 70°C-90°C. Monosodium glutamate is relatively stable under normal cooking and processing conditions, but it is prone to pyroglutamic acid sodium for a long time under high temperature conditions. It is not umami and has slight toxicity; it is precipitated or difficult to dissolve in alkaline or strongly acidic solutions. The umami taste is not obvious or even disappears.

40% MSG in chicken essence

Most of the chicken's packaging is painted with a fat chicken on the package, or it says "made of top-fat chicken" and "genuinely made of chicken." In fact, it is not a natural condiment made from chicken, chicken bones or its concentrated extracts as we would like it to be. Its main ingredient is monosodium glutamate (sodium glutamate) and salt. Among them, monosodium glutamate accounts for about 40% of the total composition, and salt accounts for more than 10%. In addition there are sugar, chicken or chicken bone powder, spices, inosinic acid, guanylic acid, chicken flavor, starch and other substances compound.

The reason why the taste of chicken is very fresh is mainly the role of MSG. In addition, inosinic acid and guanylic acid are all garnishes and also have flavoring effects. Moreover, they are combined with sodium glutamate to make the chicken flavors softer, rounder, fuller, and richer in flavor. As for the realistic chicken flavor in chicken, it mainly comes from chicken and chicken bone powder. It is extracted from fresh chicken and chicken bones. The use of chicken flavor can also make the "chicken flavor" of the chicken concentrate thicker; the role of starch is to make the chicken powder granular or powdery. In general, the chicken essence is mainly granular.

The composition of chicken essence is more complex than MSG and contains more nutritious nutrition. However, as with MSG, chicken spirits are only used as foods to increase freshness and seasoning purposes. The amount of food used only accounts for a few thousandths of food, so it is of little significance to compare their nutritional value. Moreover, according to investigations, it was found that the protein content of different brands of chickens on the market is not the same, which is mainly related to their chicken powder or chicken bone powder content, and even some products are called “chicken essence” but they do not contain chicken. ingredient.

Chicken is also afraid of high temperature

Many people are afraid to eat monosodium glutamate, mainly because it will produce certain carcinogenic substances. But actually, under normal circumstances, monosodium glutamate is completely safe, you can rest assured to eat, but do not heat it to above 120 °C, such as fried fish, fried meat marinated before the first MSG taste, otherwise glutamic acid Sodium will lose water and turn into pyroglutamic acid sodium, producing carcinogenic substances, but under normal circumstances the temperature of cooking will not exceed 120 °C.

The chicken essence also contains a certain amount of sodium glutamate, so it is the same as MSG, it should be careful not to heat for a long time. Not only that, the hydrolyzed vegetable protein and hydrolyzed animal protein contained in the chicken essence are also not resistant to high temperatures, so the chicken essence should also be added before the wok is cooked. Do not let it go too early.

Select chicken or MSG?

In real life, as a way of increasing freshness and seasoning, selecting MSG or selecting chicken essence depends on the taste of cooking objects and everyone.

If your cooking object, food characteristics, and flavor are more prominent, such as meat, fish, etc., you can choose only monosodium glutamate, only play a fresh effect, especially lean foods, inosinic acid content higher than the average food, just add a little A single umami monosodium glutamate can achieve the effect of freshening. At this time, adding a compound seasoning may damage the special flavor of the food itself.

For acidic dishes such as sweet and sour, vinegar, vinegar and pepper, MSG should not be used. Because monosodium glutamate is not easily soluble in acidic substances, the greater the acidity, the lower the solubility and the worse the effect of umami.

The World Health Organization recommends that baby food be free of MSG; adults should not consume more than 6 grams of MSG per person per day.

If the food you are cooking is not obvious in flavor, such as stuffing and soup, consider using a composite seasoning, chicken essence.

In addition, since the chicken essence itself contains about 10% of salt, if the chicken is used for cooking and soup, the amount of salt must be reduced. The chicken essence also contains nucleotides, and the metabolite of nucleotides is uric acid. Patients with gout should eat less.

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