The winter solstice stays late and gets up late to see the light before going out

From the TCM health point of view, the following five aspects must be observed in the winter solstice health:

First, the focus of the winter solstice health care should be nourished (strength is not competing, spiritual extinction)

The key to health care is to cultivate the mind. It is necessary to maintain good-natured and generous hearts at the beginning of health, and the heart is free from worries. To maintain health in winter, you need to take care of yourself, keep your spirits upbeat and optimistic, and don’t worry about trivial matters. Don’t force fame and gains and losses; avoid long-term “overloading” to prevent overwork and overwork.

Second, the daily care should be moderate (living daily, not working)

In daily life, you should go to bed early and get up late and wait for the sun to appear before going out. At the same time, wear more clothes to avoid unnecessary outdoor activities and prevent excessive consumption of yang.

“Of course, there is always life, to support their gods, not to work hard, and to cultivate their finesse.” If the winter season can reasonably arrange daily living and rest, it will be able to maintain the air, and work and leisure can raise its kidney essence. As far as possible, "We do not walk at a fast pace, listen very closely to the ear, don't look at it, sit for a long time, or stay very tired."

Third, diet (prudential transfer food)

In foods that are suitable for replenishing in the winter, Chinese medicine is divided into several major categories. Cold weather, preferred warming foods. Such as chicken, lamb, beef, squid and so on. All of the above are delicious and can be used as tonics in winter. However, if you eat too much warm food, you can easily get angry. Tonic fill foods, such as lotus seeds, citrus aurantium, barley, red beans, jujube, bird's nest, gentian soup, white fungus, liver, etc., these foods have neither the characteristics of chilling, partial temperature, but also no greasy to stomach insufficient. There is also a kind of nourishing food that has the effect of nourishing yin and benefiting the kidney and filling up the marrow. There are: fungus, black dates, sesame, black beans, pig ridge, sea cucumber, turtle, turtle, abalone and so on.

Fourth, timely support (suitable for cold and heat during the four-hour period)

Admonish the elderly to "according to the four-hour feeding party, to retire the king through the five lines, Christine Yi Feng, with no slack," that is to say, heaven and earth, the four seasons, everything will have an impact on people's life activities, want to In order to achieve self-balance in the natural world, we must first conform to the laws of nature and adapt to climate change during the four seasons. We must understand that “people are the best and Moore is always happy.” Only in this way can we be healthy and prosperous, prosperous and prolong life.

Fifth, drug help (solid first days of this, protect the day after the gas)

The winter climate is cold, the sun is hidden in the world, and it should be the human body. Winter is also the best time for the body to recharge. At this stage, human beings should not only pay attention to health in daily life, but also should pay attention to the winter supplements of diet and medicine.

Drug health should be based on the solid foundation, protect the main gas of the day after tomorrow. The so-called "congenital" is the kidney is the birth of the root of life. The kidneys are full, the body's metabolic capacity is strong, and people's aging rate is slow. The so-called "acquired gas" refers to the spleen and stomach as the acquired gas and the source of qi and blood. The nutrients needed for the body's vital activities are provided by the spleen and stomach. Therefore, this year's drug regimen should focus on protecting the spleen and kidneys.

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