Wan Rong: Industrial and Agricultural Transformation Qi Fei

Wan Rong: Industrial and Agricultural Transformation Qi Fei Since the beginning of this year, the Wanrong County Party Committee and County Government have led the people of the county to focus on the development ideas of “strong industrial counties and rich people in agriculture”, insisted on taking the scientific concept of development as the guideline, used investment attraction as the starting point, and accelerated the project construction as the carrier. To advance the pace of industrial innovation and agricultural modernization, we have embarked on a transformative leap-over road with Wanrong characteristics.

Project construction boosts industrial development

This year, the Wanrong County Party Committee and County Government insisted on project construction as the general engine to promote economic and social development, promoted project construction with the optimization of cadre work style, promoted leapfrog development with project construction, and implemented various types of key projects with a total investment of RMB 3.124 billion. 37. Among them, there are 17 industrial projects with a total investment of 1.908 billion yuan. Apart from the multi-year construction projects, more than 80% of the total investment has been completed.

The county implements county-level leaders as demonstrations, and cadres at all levels take the lead to implement the full-service key projects and enterprise development, and promote project construction. The county has set up corresponding service agencies for each project to effectively implement the responsibilities to the specific units, clarify each link, every item, and each procedure of the project construction to the people, and the construction of each project will be detailed. And quantify to ensure project construction progresses as scheduled.

At present, Huiyuan Company invested RMB 100 million to build two Kangmei aseptic carton packaging production lines, invested 50 million yuan to build a glass bottle aseptic packaging production line, completed equipment installation and trial production success, and is now handling trademark procedures; total investment is 200 million yuan Yuan Lang Group Wanrong Pharmaceuticals Reconstruction Project, Small Capacity Injection Workshop and Quality Inspection Center, etc. have been capped; Shanxi Shengshuo Machinery Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 500 million yuan, 5400 square meters of No.1 workshop has been completed and is being installed. Equipment is expected to be trial production in January 2013.

Although the season has passed the "snowfall," you walk on the land of Wanrong. You can see the scenes of the construction projects that are overwhelming, the projects of Shanxi Golden Shield Court Building Materials Co., Ltd., Shanxi Hengtai Weiye Building Materials Co., Ltd., and Contel Company Admixture Production Line Project. , Orite chemical building materials construction projects are stepping up construction...

Traditional Agriculture Turns to Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture is a new bright spot for the development of Wanrong's agricultural economy. Organic agriculture represents the development direction of agriculture. The market prospect is very broad. The development of organic agriculture has important strategic and practical significance for adjusting the industrial structure of rural areas, entering the market of agricultural products, and increasing the income of farmers.

Wan Rong county Party committee secretary Li Yulin pointed out: "We must integrate resources, integrate funds, take measures at all levels, gradually implement, do a good job in the development of organic agriculture in the county, increase the popularity of Wanrong organic agricultural products throughout the country, and create Wanrong organic agricultural brands, effectively making organic agriculture become The county’s peasants have increased their incomes, and their economic and social transformation has greatly supported the development.

The unique geographical features have created the distinctive quality of Wanrong Apple and successfully entered the high-end international fruit market in Australia. This year, the Wanrong County Party Committee and County Government also proposed the concept of creating an "organic fruit industry," and it is necessary to earnestly call "Wanrong Apple" throughout the country. At present, there are 500,000 mu of fruit trees in the county's 1.02 million mu of arable land, of which apple is 350,000 mu. The income of the fruit industry accounts for more than 60% of the per capita net income of farmers. Apple naturally became the head of the Wanrong farmers' industry.

Guanghua Township Dingsheng Organic Flour Mill is an organic wheat flour mill base established by Dingcun Jiuqu Agricultural Farming Cooperative. The base has built an organic wheat stone flour production line and there is an existing stone milling flour processing workshop, which can be used for the further processing and packaging of thousands of acres of organic wheat. The annual processing volume reaches 300,000 kg, which is the organic agriculture of Wanrong County. Pathfinder." The company won the gold prize of the Shanxi Agricultural Characteristic Fair. The products are exported to Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xi'an, and Taiyuan.

“We have already identified new ways to develop organic agriculture. Organic agriculture is a sustainable development of agriculture. Organic agricultural products are pure natural, pollution-free, high-quality health foods. We just want people to eat organic agricultural products. Live happily and cheerfully!" Wanrong County County Lien-Feng Guangfeng said.


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